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25 Animated GIFs of Kevin Durant Being Awesome

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kevin Durant GIFs (basketball NBA GIFs)

Here at TotalProSports we’ve done GIF tributes to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant already, so we figured the next guy up would have to be Kevin Durant. He may not be the biggest star in the game today, but he’s close. And if you asked all the GMs what player they would choose to build a team around right now, right after LeBron the #2 choice would almost certainly be KD.

What’s so great about Durant? Well, it’s not just the point totals. It’s the guy’s versatility. He’s a 6’9″ small forward who can beat you in pretty much any way imaginable—from the paint, driving the lane, on the baseline, or from behind the three-point arc. And on top of all that he’s reputedly one of the nicest guys in the league.

So to get you pumped up for the 2013 NBA Playoffs and a possible Finals rematch between the Thunder and Heat, check out these 25 Kevin Durant GIFs. You won’t regret it.


25. Serious Air

kd monster jam - kevin durant gifs

Talk about above the rim. This looks just like me…when I was 10 and dominating my younger cousins on their Little Tikes basketball hoop.


24. Can't Touch This

kd dunk on raptors - kevin durant gifs

Yeah, at the last second Jonas Valanciunas decides it’s probably not even worth trying to block Kevin Durant here. He’s just going to score anyway and get the foul.


23. No You Don't

kd block nba finals gif

When KD is around there are no easy buckets. Not even for D-Wade.


22. Impressing Bosh

kd dunks on shane battier - kevin durant gifs

I don’t even know what the best part of this GIF is—KD’s dunk, Shane Battier’s terrible defense, or the reaction of Chris Bosh.

Okay, I’m going to go with the reaction of Chris Bosh.


21. Posterized Pacer

kd in your face posterizes indiana - kevin durant gifs

You’re going to need to jump a lot higher than that to stop the Durantula, bro.


20. Lucky Roll

kd shot off top of backboard - kevin durant gifs

You ever had someone tell you to “make your own luck”? Well, Kevin Durant is so good that things just seems to fall his way.


19. Buzzer Beater 1

kd shot clock three  - kevin durant gifs

On most teams, the shooting guard would probably be the one to take the last-second shot. On the Oklahoma City Thunder, it’s the lanky 6’9″ small forward.


18. Buzzer Beater 2

kd long three  - kevin durant gifs

This one didn’t win the game, but it was still a buzzer beater and one hell of a shot from waaaaay downtown.


17. Schooling Bynum

kd dunk on lakers  - kevin durant gifs

This play was so embarrassing for Andrew Bynum that he never played again. (You know what I’m talking about Philly fans.)


16. Come on Down

kd drive against celtics  - kevin durant gifs

Now that’s explosive. You see a guy who’s 6’9″ and you don’t think he’s that fast. Then he blows right past everyone and dunks in your face.


15. KD Fail

kevin durant amazing shot gif

Hey, even the most coordinated people have their moments.


14. Epic Finals Dunk

kd finals dunk - kevin durant gifs

KD and the Thunder didn’t win the NBA Finals last year, but they had their moments…like this one.


13. Losing His Cool

kevin durant says fuck you to referee - kevin durant gifs

This one wouldn’t really be noteworthy for most players. But because Kevin Durant is such a nice guy, when he loses his cool people notice.


12. Three-Point Goggles

kevin durant 3-pointer goggles - nba gifs 2012 2013

KD is serious when the game is on the line, but when his team is up by 30 points with half a minute to play he likes to cut loose.


11. Happy Dance 1

kd happy dance 1  - kevin durant gifs

Those are some nice dance moves right there. And check it out! A bonus cameo by Anthony Davis’s unibrow!


10. Happy Dance 2

kd happy dance 2  - kevin durant gifs

Here’s KD doing his happy dance again…in case you were wondering what he does with his legs while he’s shimmying his shoulders.


9. The Stare

kd lebron stare - kevin durant gifs

“Don’t you make fun of my dancing, dog. I’ve hear you sing, and it wasn’t pretty.”


8. To the Hoop

kd slick drive to basket  - kevin durant gifs

You give Kevin Durant an inch and he takes a mile.


7. He Believes He Can Fly

kd block nba finals gif

Nice dunk, KD, but are you wearing leggings?


6. Posterizing JaVale

kd dunks on javale mcgee  - kevin durant gifs

JaVale McGee had a really nice year in Denver, reviving his reputation and taking the Nuggets to the playoffs. But he’s still no match for Kevin Durant.


5. Under the Basket Finger Roll: Part I

kd under the basket finger roll bucket  - kevin durant gifs

Kenyon Martin took away one route to the hoop, so KD found another.


4. Under the Basket Finger Roll: Part II

underneath the rim finger roll - kevin durant gifs

When a guy can do this type of thing on a regular basis, there’s just no way you’re going to keep him from scoring.


3. Under the Basket Finger Roll: Part III

kevin durant amazing shot gif

No comment is necessary here. Just sit there and watch this one for five minutes like I just did. Let it sink in.


2. High Five

kevin durant amazing shot gif

Come on Russelllll, gimme a high five buddy. Cooome ooon. Coooome oooooooooon. Ah, there we go! Cheer up buddy we’re winning!


1. Coast to Coast

kd defense block  - kevin durant gifs

Kevin Durant: he’s the complete package. An epic block at one end, then a dunk in the face of his opponent at the other. You have to love it.