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Lingerie Football Team Hotness Index 2013

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 1, 2013

lingerie football league lfl hottest teams

Does the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, have some talented athletes? It absolutely does. For example, there is Philadelphia’s Marirose Roach, who is actually a gifted football player with a serious love for the game. That being said, the league does not really exist to showcase female football talent. This is “sports entertainment,” and putting a good-looking team out on the field is just as important, if not more so, than putting a good-playing team out there.

So with that in mind, today we’re going to assess just how well put-together the 2013 LFL teams are—ranking them from first to last in terms of overall aesthetic appeal. To do so, we’ve selected the three hottest players from each team to serve as representatives. Is it a shallow undertaking? Sure. But it’s a shallow league, so we’re just going with the flow.


12. Cleveland Crush – Tamar Fennell

12 Cleveland Crush - Tamar Fennell - hottest lfl teams 2013

If Cleveland Crush running back/defensive back Fennell Tamar is on the last-placed team, obviously the LFL isn’t doing too bad. She’s a pretty attractive woman.


12. Cleveland Crush – Jamara Lee

12 Cleveland Crush - Jamara Lee - hottest lfl teams 2013

Jamara here plays tight end, a position that has a very different connotation when you’re talking about lingerie football.


12. Cleveland Crush – Diane Ha

12 Cleveland Crush - Diane Ha - hottest lfl teams 2013

Diane is listed at 5’4″ and 132 pounds, which is absolutely hilarious. There is no way this woman weighs 132 pounds.

In any case, she’s cute, and she rounds out a pretty strong showing from the least-hot (but still pretty hot) LFL team.


11. Minnesota Valkyrie – Leekplay Paye

11 Minnesota Valkyrie -Leekplay Paye - hottest LFL teams 2013

Leekplay may be a strange name, but there’s no doubt this is one of the most beautiful women in the LFL today. If this were a list of the hottest LFL players, she’d be in the top 5 for sure. (Don’t believe it? Check out this spread.) However, this list is about the teams, and it just so happens that Leekplay is a cut above the rest of the Valkyrie.


11. Minnesota Valkyrie – Victoria Pedersen

11 Minnesota Valkyrie - Victoria Pedersen - hottest LFL teams 2013

Victoria here plays OL. Usually you want brawny people on your offensive line, but I guess that rule doesn’t apply in the LFL.


11. Minnesota Valkyrie – Brittany Austin

11 Minnesota Valkyrie - Brittany Austin  - hottest LFL teams 2013

Brittany Austin rounds out the 11th hottest LFL team, the Minnesota Valkyrie. Once again, it’s obvious that pretty much all the teams have at least a handful of really attractive players.


10. Omaha Heart – Lindsay Burgnham

10 omaha heart - lindsay burnham - hottest lfl teams 2013

The Omaha Heart are two of just three LFL teams whose names have no sexual connotation whatsoever. (The others is the Minnesota Valkyrie and the next team we’ll feature.)


10. Omaha Heart – Brittany Benson

10 omaha heart - Brittany Benson - hottest lfl teams 2013

Brittany Benson: a perfect name for an old-fashioned, all-American, Midwest farmer’s daughter.

(Note: I have no idea if Brittany actually is a farmer’s daughter. It’s a figure of speech.)


10. Omaha Heart – Amanda Hogan

10 omaha heart - amanda hogan - hottest lfl teams 2013

Amanda Hogan is ripped. Just look at that midsection.


9. Green Bay Chill – Jennifer Freund

9 Green Bay Chill - Jennifer Freund - hottest lfl teams 2013

The colors green and gold are synonymous with football in Green Bay, so it was really a no-brainer for the Chill.


9. Green Bay Chill – Danielle Jorgenson

9 Green Bay Chill - Danielle Jorgenson - hottest lfl teams 2013

Obviously Danielle Jorgenson isn’t doing too much tailgating before Packers games, eating lots of sausages and drinking lots of beer. She’s got a pretty great figure.


9. Green Bay Chill – Ann Erler

9 Green Bay Chill - Ann Erler - hottest lfl teams 2013

Ann Erler rounds out the Green Bay Chill’s representatives on this list and proves that, while the Chill may rank ninth, they certainly do have excellent bodies.


8. Jacksonville Breeze – Kate Osman

8 Jacksonville Breeze - Kate Osman - hottest lfl teams 2013

Kate Osman used to play for the Philadelphia Passion. Now she plays for the Jacksonville Breeze. I guess she was looking for a warmer climate.


8. Jacksonville Breeze – Eliese Zuckelman

8 Jacksonville Breeze - Eliese Zuckelman - hottest lfl teams 2013

Eliese Zuckelman is one of the few LFL players who doesn’t play on both sides of the ball. She’s just a cornerback—one of the sexiest cornerbacks you’ve ever seen.


8. Jacksonville Breeze – Adrian Purnell

8 Jacksonville Breeze - Adrian Purnell - hottest lfl teams 2013

Adrian plays OL an LB. I bet she’s an excellent tackler.


7. Philadelphia Passion – Tanyka Renee

7 Philadelphia Passion - Tanyka Renee - hottest lfl teams 2013

Where have we seen Tanyka Renee before? Hmm.

Oh, that’s right. Here.


7. Philadelphia Passion – Stephanie Orgi

7 Philadelphia Passion - Stephanie Orgi - hottest lfl teams 2013

This woman’s last name really is Orgi, but I have no idea whether that “g” is hard or soft.


7. Angela Perfetto

angela perfetto passion hottest lfl teams 2013

Perfetto means “perfect” in Italian, and that sounds about right for Angela here.


6. Chicago Bliss – Nadia Larysa

6 Chicago Bliss - Nadia Larysa - hottest LFL teams 2013

What is there to say about Nadia other than “wow”?


6. Chicago Bliss – Deena Fagiano

6 Chicago Bliss - Deena Fagiano - hottest LFL teams 2013

Deena’s nail polish matches the blue in her lingerie uniform. That’s a nice touch.


6. Chicago Bliss – Briawna Schultz

6 Chicago Bliss - Briawna Schultz - hottest LFL teams 2013

I have no idea if Briawna is any good at playing football, but she’s amazing at looking gorgeous in lingerie. Keep up the good work, Briawna.


5. Baltimore Charm – Holly Wilson

5 Baltimore Charm - Holly Wilson - hottest lfl teams 2013

I’m sure Holly Wilson made the Baltimore Charm because she is a very gifted athlete.


5. Baltimore Charm – Christina Deavers

5 Baltimore Charm - Christina Deavers - hottest lfl teams 2013

Note how thin Christina’s eye black is. I like to imagine her having a conversation with the GM of the Baltimore Charm about eye black that is very similar to the one Jennifer Aniston has with her boss at Chotchkie’s about her pieces of flair in Office Space . The GM will say, “do you see Nadia Larysa over there on the Chicago Bliss sidelines? Look at her eye black.”


5. Baltimore Charm – Ashley Helmstetter

5 Baltimore Charm - Ashley Helmstetter - hottest lfl teams 2013

Ashley Helmstetter rounds out a pretty strong contingent from Baltimore. These women have some of the fittest bodies in the league.


4. Las Vegas Sin – Tamica Estrella

4 Las Vegas Sin - Tamica Estrella - hottest lfl cheerleaders 2013

You could do a lot worse than Las Vegas Sin wide receiver/cornerback Tamica Estrella.


4. Las Vegas Sin – Maddie McCoy

4 Las Vegas Sin - Maddie McCoy - hottest lfl teams 2013

Though she has the name of a quarterback, Maddie McCoy actually played tight end and linebacker.


4. Las Vegas Sin – Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire

4 Las Vegas Sin - Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire - hottest lfl teams 2013

Jenny looks extremely talented. (FYI, the Sin website doesn’t even list her position…because that’s how good she is?)


3. Seattle Mist – Shea Norton

3 Seattle Mist - Shea Norton - hottest lfl teams 2013

Shea is pretty ripped. She’s only 5’8″, but I bet she could mess you up.


3. Seattle Mist – Laurel Creel

3 Seattle Mist - Laurel Creel - hottest lfl teams 2013

QB/DB Laurel Creel has been one of the hottest LFL players from the beginning and she’s still going strong.


3. Seattle Mist – Christine Moore

3 Seattle Mist - Christine Moore - hottest lfl teams 2013

To quote the esteemed Billy Ocean, please, Christine, get out of my dreams and into my car.


2. Atlanta Steam – Brittney Sharp

1 Atlanta Steam - Brittney Sharp - hottest lfl teams 2013

Do you think Brittany Sharp’s nickname is B-Sharp? Because that’s would I would call her.


2. Atlanta Steam – Ashley Johnston

1 Atlanta Steam - Ashley Johnston - hottest lfl teams 2013

Ashley Johnston is your classic Georgia Peach.


2. Atlanta Steam – Alexandria Stone

1 Atlanta Steam - Alexandria Stone - hottest lfl teams 2013

…And Alexandria Stone is your classic sultry firecracker.


1. Los Angeles Temptation – Chloe Butler

2 Los Angeles Temptation - Chloe Butler - hottest lfl teams 2013

The hottest team in the LFL? Of course it’s the Los Angeles Temptation. With so many gorgeous women in LA trying to make it in show biz, they really do have an unfair advantage over the rest of the league.


1. Los Angeles Temptation – Ogom Chijindu

2 Los Angeles Temptation - Ogom Chijindu - hottest lfl teams 2013

Both Ogom Chijindu here and the next woman featured on this list have been with the Temptation from the beginning. I guess playing football in your underwear is a good gig.


1. Los Angeles Temptation – Liz Gorman

2 Los Angeles Temptation - Liz Gorman - hottest lfl teams 2013

Liz Gorman is the closest thing the LFL has to a superstar. She was defensive player of the year in 2010 and a finalist for the award in 2011. Plus she’s really, really hot.

She used to play for the Tampa (now Jacksonville) Breeze, but last year she decided to take her talents to SoCal. In doing so, she took the Temptation from being one of the hottest teams in the LFL to the hottest team.

Nice work, Liz.