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18 GIFs of Sports Fans Flipping the Bird

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 2, 2013

sports fan flipping the bird giving the finger

Sports provide us with a nice diversion for the worries of everyday life, but of course sometimes we all get a little carried away. One bad call, one bone-headed play, or one epic flop, and all of a sudden we’re a bunch of angry douchebags doing things we would never do in “real” life. For example, when your co-workers piss you off, do you boo them? No, you don’t. And I bet you don’t give them the finger, either. But at sporting events such things are common.

Today we celebrate the insanity that sports inspires with this list of angry fans flipping the bird. If you yourself have been known to do this kind of thing from time to time, maybe this will make you think twice the next time you’re at the game…but I hope not. I really enjoy making fun of you when your antics find their way to the interwebz.


18. The Gator Double


Note this guy’s flip-off technique—fingers not tightly clenched, arms relaxed, head back like he just don’t care. This is known as the “too cool for school” flip-off, and it’s pretty standard for tools like this.


17. Douchebag Matthew Perry?


Is that Matthew Perry? Eh, probably not. But if it is, he looks like a pretty big d-bag here…which is ironic, given that he’s sitting next to a guy wearing a “Scumbag Steve” hat.


16. Surly Packers Fan

Packers fan flips the bird

How do I like you now, Packers fan? Well, frankly, you seem like a bit of a jerk, flipping me off with your chubby finger. Dial it down a notch.


15. Say it aint so, Fred

fred durst gives finger at summer slam

Fred, I think I speak for the every man, woman, and child in America when I say f**k you, too, buddy. F**k you, too.


14. Hoya Saxa Motherf**kerzzzz!!!

georgetown double bird - fans flipping the bird gifs

See, this is the exact opposite of the flip-off we saw that Florida guy doing in #18. The fists are tightly clenched and the arms are rigid. This is a very vehement, passionate flipping of the bird. I feel like this kid really means it.


13. The Royal DB

royals fan shots double bird lasers with sound effects - fans flipping the bird gifs

This guy isn’t just shooting the double bird. It looks like he’s also making “pyew pyew pyew” laser sounds, too.

Of course, what do you expect from a guy so cool that he wears his cell phone clipped to the outside of his pants?


12. Longhorn One-Finger Salute

texas fan give camera the finger - fans flipping the bird gifs

Everyone else was excited to get on camera. Not the guy in the blue hoodie, though. He’s embarrassed to be on TV with that soul patch and goatee.


11. Angry Steelers Fan

angry steelers fan flips off referees - fans flipping the bird gifs

“Yeah, man, you tell those refs.”

“Really, do you think they saw me?”

“Oh yeah, man, they see all the fans who give them the finger. That’s how we keep them in line.”


10. Disgruntled Sox Fan

red sox fan flips off pitcher after home run - fans flipping the bird gifs

Last year the Boston Red Sox really hit rock bottom, while the Baltimore Orioles actually made the playoffs. So the fan sitting right behind Chris Davis here really was kind of fed up.


9. Henderson Rage

auburn basketball fans give marshall henderson the finger - fans flipping the bird gifs

There was nobody in college basketball this year better at getting opposing fans riled than Marshall Henderson of Ole Miss. As you can see, the guys sitting at the scorers table were pretty amused.


8. More angry Clemson fans

clemson fan double bird - fans flipping the bird gifs

At least the last group of bird-flipping Clemson fans were just responding to the taunting from an opposing player. This guy’s just mad because he lost a bet and had to wear that stupid hat to the football game.


7. Needle in a Haystack

michigan fan flips off camera

You have to look closely, but it’s there—the guy with the backwards cap and the beard giving the camera the finger.

Also notice the guy shooting his finger guns into the air…you know, because he’s so gangsta.


6. Hoosier DB

indiana basketball fan flipping double bird

Don’t you just feel that if people really knew what they looked like while doing this sort of thing, they wouldn’t do it anymore? I mean, this guy looks like a total spaz.


5. College Hockey Double Bird

north dakota hockey fan flips off michigan hockey player - fans flipping the bird gifs

In North Dakota, they take their hockey very, very seriously. So this guy was really not happy about losing in the semifinals to Michigan.


4. Typical Raiders Fan

female raiders fan flipping of saints - fans flipping the bird gifs

How ladylike. Also: pretty bold for a woman wearing a 10-foot scarf around her neck. She’s lucky one of the Saints didn’t walk on over and give that thing a good tug.


3. Oriole Kid

orioles kid gives crawford doulbe bird - fans flipping the bird gifs

A home run ball is about the land just 4 feet from where the kid in the white orioles jersey is sitting. However, all he cares about is taunting the Dodgers’ Carl Crawford and giving him the old double bird. That’s hardcore.


2. You Tell 'Em

arizona fan flipping off iowa fans - fans flipping the bird gifs

The thing I always think about when I see this sort of stuff is that this guy is probably married with kids and a job and all that. And yet here he his on national TV telling an entire state of people to go f**k themselves.

Sports makes us do crazy things.


1. The 360º Double Bird

giants fan flipping off entire section of 49ers fans - fans flipping the bird gifs

You have to have a serious set of marbles to give an entire section of the opposing fans the finger when you’re all by yourself. Luckily for this kid no one really took offense. In fact, the guy in the white t-shit to the right of the Giants fan thinks it’s pretty funny…as do I.