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9 Celebrity Sports Stars Spotted At The 2013 Kentucky Derby

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, May 7, 2013


9 Celebrity Sports Stars Spotted At The 2013 Kentucky Derby

Last weekend’s 139th running of the Kentucky Derby brought out a fair amount of celebrities, and there was no shortage of well-known athletes among them. Coaches and players, college players and professional retirees: Everybody wanted to be in on the action. And why not? If they let Jason Biggs strut around the red carpet like a big shot, why shouldn’t they let Bode Miller come and play the ponies? He’s got gold medals. That’s gotta be worth more than Jane Seymour’s Golden Globes? With that in mind, here’s a look at the celebrity sports starts who attended this year’s Kentucky Derby.

Tiki Barber

Former New York Giant Tiki Barber was in attendance, along with his new 23-year-old wife. The night before the race, he hosted a cancer-charity event.

Avery Johnson

Recently fired Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson was at the Derby, and I know he must have been feeling lucky. Not because his horse came in, but because Saturday was also the day the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs in round one. Watching the team that fired you lose has gotta feel pretty good.

Mark Stoops

University of Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops was in attendance, which isn’t really surprising given his status in the state. Any big name in Kentucky is probably required to be in attendance.

Charlie Strong

As I was saying, big names in Kentucky sports are all but required to show up to the Derby, which explains why Charlie Strong, the head coach of Louisville football, was there. Of course, if you’re going to be required to show up to something, the Kentucky Derby isn’t a bad event to pull.

Matt Schaub

matt schaub kentucky derby

Matt Schaub was in attendance with a rather attractive blonde woman who I assume is his wife. Man, NFL quarterbacks have it rough.

Scottie Pippen

Bulls great Scottie Pippen was in attendance for the big race. I’m 99% sure he went around telling everyone that Orb was a better race horse than Secretariat.

Bode Miller

As mentioned above, Bode Miller walked the red carpet at this year’s Derby. Although many of the athletes in attendance probably like to wear gold chains, Bode was the only one of the bunch who won his at the Olympics (Besides Scotty Pippen, I guess).

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Ken Griffey, Jr. made it out to this year’s event. This made me more excited than it should have, which probably has something to do with the fact that I still have his Rookie card.

Rick Pitino

Last but not least, local legend Rick Pitino was in attendance not only as a fan, but as a horse owner. Unfortunately, his horse Goldencents came in 17th out of 19. He better stick to Basketball.