Smart Toronto Hockey Fans Fight Outside Arena Before the Game So They Don’t Get Kicked Out (Video)

fan fight leafs bruins game 3

This is just a casual observation from someone who writes about the subject often, but it seems to me that most fan fights go down either during the game, right there in the stands, or after the game, out in the parking lot. You rarely see fights between fans outside the venue before a game. Why? Because it takes a little time for people to get worked up and wasted. Usually.

However, for the NHL playoffs in Toronto, things are different. There’s no way anybody is going to fight inside the Air Canada Centre, because those tickets cost way too much to get kicked out. And, more importantly, the fans are already drunk and pumped up when they show up—because they’re Canadians, and because the Leafs haven’t made the playoffs in nine years.

Thus, today we have this for you: a fight between hockey fans outside the Air Canada Centre in Toronto before Game 3 between the Leafs and Bruins on Monday night. The funny thing is, this little rumble is actually just like a fight between hockey players—the two guys go at it, they keep the fighting clean, and then when they’re done the onlookers step in like referees to separate the combatants.

Unfortunately you’ll have to turn your head to the side to watch the video, but I think it’s worth the effort:

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