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30 Classic Hockey Hairdos

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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best hockey hair

There’s so much to celebrate about hockey players, from their incredible physical fitness to their utter disregard for dental health. Today, however, we’re going to focus on just one admirable trait of professional hockey players: awesome hair. For years these guys have had the best hair of any sport outside soccer, and while you would have thought the introduction of the helmet in the 1970s would have toned down the wild styles, it has in fact only made them more wilder. So with the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs underway right now, what better time to celebrate hockey hair?

Take a look, why don’t you. You won’t regret it.


30. The Daniel Alfredsson Ponytail

30 daniel alfredsson ponytail - classic hockey hair

Let’s kick things off on the effeminate side. Here’s Daniel Alfredsson in a ponytail. Isn’t he cute?


29. The Bobby Nystrom Speedcut

29 bobby nystrom islanders hair - classic hockey hair

Islanders legend Bobby Nystrom knew you didn’t have to actually be fast. You just had to have a haircut that made you look fast.


28. The McSorley Frosted Mullet

28 marty mcsorley kings - classic hockey hair

Marty McSorley was quite the dapper gent during his days looking out for the Great One. His versatile mullet could transition seamlessly from the ice to the locker room to the beach with very little styling.


27. The Murray Hall Combover

27 murray hall clean cut look - classic hockey hair

Murray Hall’s clean-cut look made him look more like the pastor at your local Presbyterian church than a pro hockey player.


26. The Paul Coffey Brush & Blow

26 paul coffey coif - classic hockey hair

You have to admire a hockey player who would blow-dry his hair just to get the right look for the warm-up skate. And those Superman-style locks falling down on the forehead? You can bet that was no accident.


25. The Larry Robinson Mop

25 larry robinson mop - classic hockey hair

Here’s what legendary defenseman Larry Robinson looked like with his hair down…


24. The Larry Robinson Fro

24 larry robinson fro - classic hockey hair

…And here’s what Larry Robinson looked like with a curly hockey fro.


23. Mike Ricci's Hair Band Hair

15 mike ricci - classic hockey hair

You would think an enforcer like Mike Ricci would want short hair so guys don’t grab onto it. However, at one time this was not an uncommon look for such players…


22. Chris Simon's Metal Hair

23 chris simon capitals - classic hockey hair

Simon looked more like the lead singer of a thrash metal band than the a pro hockey player.


21. Evander Kane's Carvings, Part I

22 evander kane 2 - classic hockey hair

No, Evander Kane isn’t a character from Days of Our Lives. He’s a pro hockey player—and a good one—who likes to get interesting things carved into the side of his head.


20. Evander Kane's Carvings, Part II

21 evander kane 1 - classic hockey hair

This is the haircut Kane got to kick off the 2013 NHL season. The letters stand for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, which is course is a reference Lil’ Wayne’s record labels, Young Money and Cash Money.


19. The MacTavish

20 craig mactavish no helmet - classic hockey hair

The last NHL player not to wear a helmet was Craig MacTavish. Obviously, with a great head of hair like that, he just couldn’t bear to cover it up.


18. The Bully Cut

19 dave schultz porn hairdo - classic hockey hair

Legendary “Broad Street Bully” Dave Schultz definitely had the 70s mop top thing going.


17. The Duguay Fro

18 ron duguay rangers - classic hockey hair

And speaking of awesome 70s perm fros…behold the glorious hair of Ron Duguay. Put a good coat of Aqua Net on top of that and you don’t need a helmet.


16. The Commodore Fro

17 mike commodore fro - classic hockey hair

Mike Commodore may not have been a prolific scorer, but the man had an awesome name and an even awesomer head of hair.

(Awesomer is a word, right?)


15. The Hartnell Fro

16 scott hartnell haircut - classic hockey hair

You know you’re doing something right when fans show up at the game wearing wigs to mimic your hairstyle. Keep up the good work, Scott Hartnell.


14. The Melrose Mullet

14 barry melrose kings coach - classic hockey hair

Barry Melrose does not care how much we all make fun of his greasy hair. He will never change.

I guess I should respect his commitment and self-confidence.


13. The Rocket

13 maurice richard - classic hockey hair

Maurice “The Rocket” Richard was a badass on the ice and a badass off the ice. If I didn’t know better I’d say this a photo of some mob enforcer or something.


12. The Brian Engblom WTF Cut

12 brian engblom hairdo - classic hockey hair

Do you think Brian Engblom wants it to look like he’s wearing a giant mullet toupee?  


11. The Mikita

11 stan mikita hawks - classic hockey hair

The Chicago Blackhawks of the 1960s all had sharp, high and tight haircuts. But leading the way, obviously, was Stan Mikita. That guy had some serious style.


10. The Kane Mullet

10 patrick kane hairstyle haircut - classic hockey hair

From hairdos of Blackhawks past to hairdos of Blackhawks present…this cut introduced by Patrick Kane several years ago became an instant classic. Business in the front, party in the back, and racing stripes on the side. What’s not to love?


9. The Cowboy Combover

9 bill flett combover - classic hockey hair

Bill Flett was a pretty good hockey player who once scored 43 goals in a season for the Flyers. However, he might be best remembered for his nickname, Cowboy, which he got because he owned a cattle ranch in Alberta and, in his free time, competed in rodeos.

Obviously, he also had a pretty sweet side part combover.


8. The Snepsts Samurai

8 harold snepsts 2 - classic hockey hair

In his early days, Harold Snepsts had a Fu Man Chu look going. Check out those wisps of hair coming down in front of his forehead.


7. The Snepsts Combover

7 harold snepsts 1 - classic hockey hair

In his later days, however, Harold Snepsts had a different look going. I’m not exactly sure what to call it, but it sure as hell looks nerdy.


6. The Homer Simpson

6 maxim sushinski - classic hockey hair

Russian hockey player Maxim Sushinsky has never played in the NHL, having elected instead to remain in his home country to play in the KHL.

It’s a shame North American hockey fans never got to see this hair in person.


5. The Lafleur

5 guy lafleur hair - classic hockey hair

Guy Lafleur was almost as famous for his long golden locks as his tremendous hockey talent.

Actually, no, that’s not true. He’s definitely more famous for the hockey. But he still had amazing hair.


4. The Goldthorpe Fro

4 bill goldthorpe - classic hockey hair

Bill “Goldie” Goldthorpe never played a single regular season NHL game. However, he was nevertheless immortalized in film. The character Olgie Ogilthorpe from Slapshot was inspired by the legendary hockey wild man.


3. The Kerry Fraser Helmet

3 kerry fraser hairdo - classic hockey hair

Up until they started making referees wear helmets, Kerry Fraser was the only zebra anybody ever knew by name. And the reason for that was his perfectly shellacked hair.


2. The Iafrate

2 al iafrate - classic hockey hair

Al Iafrate held the record for hardest slapshot (105.2 MPH) for 16 years. Obviously, his ridiculous skullet was the source of his power.


1. The Jagr


Was there ever any doubt who would take the top spot? Jagr has a whole group of fans dedicated to commemorating his famous hair. That alone makes his the greatest hockey hairdo of all-time.