Watch NESN Announcer Jack Edwards’ Reaction to the Bruins’ Epic Comeback Victory Over the Leafs (Video)

jack edwards call of bergeron goal

Earlier this season we got a glimpse of how Boston Bruins TV announcer and notable homer Jack Edwards would respond if the Bruins erased a late three-goal deficit. The Bruins did just that on February 12 against the Rangers, and Edwards went absolutely nuts up in the booth. However, that game would ultimately end in a shootout loss for Boston, so we didn’t get to see the full extent of Edwards’ excitement.

This past Monday was a different story. The Bruins once again erased a late three-goal deficit to send a game into overtime.  Only, this time they did it in Game 7 of their Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. And, of course, this time they won the game in overtime.

Obviously, Jack went berserk. After Patrice Bergeron scored the game-winner, here’s what he had to say:

With the point of the dagger at their throats, they rip it out of Toronto’s hand and kill the beast!

And if you think that’s colorful from reading it, you should watch him as he says it. The guy actually acts it out:

If there is a more passionate hockey announcer in the game today, I sure as hell don’t know who it is. Love him or hate him, NESN’s Jack Edwards is crazy about the Bruins.

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