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9 Crazy Fans from the 2013 NBA Playoffs

by: Esteban On  Friday, May 17, 2013


9 Crazy Fans from the 2013 NBA Playoffs

The word “fan” is a shortened form of the word “fanatic,” so it stands to reason that sports fans are pretty crazy. But there’s always a few in the bunch that take their crazy fan antics above an beyond the norm. Add the playoffs to the mix, and you’re bound to see some pretty weird stuff. With that in mind, here are nine crazy fans from the 2013 NBA playoffs. If you’re cheering for the other team, it’s best not to make eye contact.

"Cheer the Deer"


We’ll start off with something pretty tame. This fan’s craziness doesn’t stem from a weird costume, but rather a sad sign. It’s looks like it belongs at a high-school track meet rather than an NBA game. In fact, it looks like something a Midwestern mom would make. Oh, wait a minute. Never mind. Nice sign, Miss. Carry on.

Dennver Nuggets


Truth be told, I sometimes forget that Denver has an NBA team. But these fans seem to bleed powder-blue.

Pacer Mohawk


This Pacer’s fan is not screwing around. Well, actually, I guess wearing a brightly-colored Mohawk is the definition of “screwing around.” But my point is, he takes the Pacers seriously.

Nets Mohawk


Mohawks must be trending among NBA fans, because these Nets fans are also sporting the colorful hair-style. Given the way the Nets performed in the playoffs,  let’s hope those are wigs.

Optimus Pacer


This fan combined his love of transforming robots with his love of the Indiana Pacers. Hopefully he also loves being a virgin.

Houston Rockets or Purina Dog Chow?


I can’t tell if these people are really big Houston Rockets fans, or if they just really like the old Purina dog food logo. Either way, their outfits look great!

OKC Storm Trooper


At first glance, you might wonder what a storm trooper has to do with the OKC Thunder. But after a while, you’ll probably put “thunder” and “storm” together. At least this guy hopes you will, or else he’s going to look awfully silly.

The Grizzlie Fan From Hell


Of all the fans we’ve seen today, I think I can safely say that this dude is the most terrifying. Then again, our next entry is pretty terrifying in her own way.


While most of the fans on this list are the “good” type of crazy, these two took the number-one spot for being the “bad” kind of crazy. Is it just me, or should these two open up a bakery in Scottsdale, AZ?