Despite Elimination, Classy Warriors Players Took Time to Thank Their Fans Last Night (Video)

warriors thank fans after playoff elimination

The Golden State Warriors are one of the saddest franchises in the NBA. Coming into the 2012-13 season, they had made just two playoff appearances over the last 20 years. One was in 1994, when they got swept by the Suns in the first round. The other was in 2007, when they managed to upset the Mavericks before losing to the Jazz in round two, 4-1. But that’s it. Two whole decades, and only two playoff appearances.

Of course, it certainly looks like things are changing. The Warriors made the playoffs this year, and with Stephen Curry looking like a future superstar, they should be around for the next several years, too.

That being said, this franchise and its fan base know not to make any assumptions. So following Golden State’s elimination at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs last night in Oakland, the players and fans took the opportunity to express their mutual gratitude for a truly great season and an exciting playoff run.

Take a look:

Now that’s a team with class and character. Kind of makes you wish you were a Warriors fan, doesn’t it?

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