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21 GIFs of Basketball Players Getting Posterized

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 23, 2013
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In basketball, when a guy dunks over or, in some cases, through another guy, they call that “getting posterized.” The term is a reference to the fact that, if you took a photo at the right moment, the image would make an awesome poster fit for a kid’s (or a grownup’s) bedroom wall.

If you’re a hardcore basketball fan, then obviously you know that already. On the other hand, if you’re not a hardcore basketball fan, then you just learned something. And to continue the learning process, here are 21 animated GIFs of dudes getting posterized—just to make sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We bring you this list for two reasons. The first is because we want to get everyone up to speed with this bit of hoops lingo in advance of what may be the next big internet fad: random people getting  “posterized” in unexpected everyday places. The second is simply that GIFs of basketball players getting posterized are awesome.

So, ready to go? Good. Let’s hit it.


21. Sun Belt Monster Jam

sun belt posterization

I don’t know who the Arkansas State Red Wolves’ opponents were, here, because I’m not an expert on the uniforms of mid-major college basketball teams. I do know, however, that this dunk was absolutely sick.


20. Markel Posterizes Mizzou

markel brown posterizes mizzou 2012

Markel Brown is just one of the reasons why Oklahoma State had such a good year in 2012-13.


19. Old-School Glass-Breaker

old school glass-breaking posterization

Getting posterized is bad enough. But then to get showered in broken glass? That’s just humiliating.


18. Hibbert Posterizes Johnson

hibbert dunks on ivan johnson

Ivan Johnson found out the hard way that getting posterized by Indiana big man Roy Hibbert is like getting hit by a Mack truck.


17. Shumpert Posterizes D-Wade

j.j. hickson posterizes d-wade

Even guys with funny names (like Iman Shumpert here) get a moment of glory now and again.


16. Taj Gibson Posterizes D-Wade

taj gibson posterizes d-wade

Two is a row against D-Wade? This guy is just a poster waiting to happen.


15. LeBron Posterizes Jason Terry

lebron posterizes jason terry

Poor Jason Terry never had a chance with this 3-on-1. Give him credit for the effort, though.


14. Lakers Get Boshterized

bosh posterizes lakers

Chris Bosh may play third fiddle in Miami, but he’s more than capable of embarrassing an opponent from time to time.


13. Baron Davis Posterizes AK47

baron davis posterizes

Reverse tomahawk dunk on Andre Kirilenko? That poster belongs on a billboard.


12. Brandon Bass Posterizes Brook Lopez

brandon bass posterizes brook lopez

Brandon Bass, ladies and gentleman. What a name.


11. KD Posterizes Hibbert

durant posterizes pacers

Today everyone is saying Roy Hibbert should have been in the game to guard the paint in the waning moments of Game 1 of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals, and that, if he had, LeBron might not have scored that easy game-winning layup.

But, um, it’s not like Hibbert is invincible or anything.


10. The Original Hallway Posterization

posterizing internet meme

If the posterization meme really takes off, you’ll have these kids to thank. They started it.


9. DeAndre Jordan Posterizes Charissa Thompson

deandre jordan posterizes charissa thompson

You’ve gotta commend Charissa Thompson here. Not just any sports anchor would let a huge basketball player plow into her for the sake of comedy.


8. Big West Posterization

big west posterization

This dude from Cal State Fullerton totally annihilates  his opponent.


7. Kobe Posterizes Okafor

kobe posterizing okafor

This ain’t UConn anymore, Emeka.


6. Griffin Posterizes Lakers

blake griffin posterizing 2

Blake Griffin might just be the most prolific maker of posters in the NBA today.


5. Griffin Again


Here’s a philosophical question for you: is it even a dunk if the guy doesn’t touch the rim?

Think about that and get back to me.


4. Tar Heel Postermaker

UNC posterizes texas

This is P.J. Hairston’s way of suggesting the Longhorns should probably just stick to football.


3. The DeAndre Jordan Dunk

deandre jordan posterizes brandon knight

Behold the dunk of the year. If you haven’t heard the (WWE announcer) Jim Ross version of this clip, you haven’t lived.

Okay, that’s hyperbole. But seriously, the Jim Ross version is great. You should check it out.


2. Kwame Alexander

kwame alexander (division ii cal state san bernadino) super jam

How was this guy only playing Division II ball?


1. Vince Carter Posterizes Frederic Weis

vince carter dunks on frederic weis olympics (greatest dunk of all time)

This dunk by Vince Carter at the 2000 Summer Olympics might just be the greatest of all-time. The French press called it “le dunk de la mort”—which of course means “the dunk of death.”

Is that awesome or what?