Despite Loss, Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol Stole the Show With His Good Sportsmanship Last Night (Video)

marc gasol sportsmanship

Last night Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs completed a four-game sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies to return to the NBA Finals—where they have never lost—for the first time since 2007. However, the highlight of the game only involved Parker indirectly.

With just over six minutes left in the game, Memphis was down eight points and in danger of being eliminated from the NBA playoffs. So when Grizzlies center Marc Gasol accidentally poked Tony Parker in the face while defending a failed shot attempt, you would have thought Gasol would just turn his back and run down the court for an odd-man rush. In fact, if you’re a Memphis fan, you might say that’s what Gasol should have done—show no mercy, win the game.

Instead, Gasol stayed to apologize to Parker, and he even tried to help him up off the floor. Take a look:

Gasol’s team was about to get swept out of the playoffs, but he still had the presence of mind to show respect for an injured opponent? Now that’s class.

Way to go, Gasol.

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