American Wins Most Prestigious Cheese Rolling Competition in England (Video)

kenny rackers usa american wins gloucestershire cheese race

At long last, the USA has conquered the most famous English sport.

No, I’m not talking about soccer. The RW&B is still pretty mediocre at that. I’m talking about cheese rolling.

On Sunday, at the annual running of the Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling Race, an American man—who was decked out in a stars and stripes full-body leotard—made his country proud by winning that wheel of cheese.

The winner’s name is Kenny Rackers, a 27-year-old veteran of the U.S. Army. He makes his home in Colorado Springs, but travelled some 4,000 miles just so he could scratch an important item off his bucket list.

So how’d he pull off the big victory? Well, like any sport, you only excel at downhill cheese racing by practicing. So Kenny made sure to arrive three days early to get a few practice runs in. Sure, he sustained a few injuries during those practice runs, but they didn’t stop him from competing and now he’s the cheese rolling champion of the world.

Oh, and I almost forgot…Rackers also won the less-popular uphill race, too—just to rub it in the locals’ faces.

Mom must be so proud.


Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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