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27 GIFs of Coaches Being Awesome

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 30, 2013
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Everyone knows coaches are important, and we certainly spend enough time talking about them and second-guessing their every move. Still, the majority of the time, it’s the players who make the highlight reels.

Every once in a while, however, a coach will do something on the sidelines that gets our attention. Maybe it’s berating a player, maybe it’s making a funny face, or maybe it’s going ballistic on the refs. Whatever the case, when a coach does something to get noticed during the game, chances are it’s extremely amusing. And to prove it to you, here are 27 awesome animated GIFs of coaches providing some serious entertainment.



27. The Enfield Shuffle

andy enfield miami locker room dance

Forget this year’s success. USC hired Andy Enfield away from the Hurricanes because of this dance moves.


26. Joachim the Joker


In Germany, this is hilarious. In fact, I hear Joachim Löw is to Germany was Jerry Lewis is to France.


25. Bubble Gum Fail

charlie manuel bubble gum fail

Charlie Manuel hasn’t mastered the double bubble just yet.


24. Ref Attack

ref bodychecks coach

Never get in the way of a determined linesman.


23. Coach Abuse

UCLA player bodychecks coach

Everyone’s always worried about coaches abusing players. What about players abusing coaches?


22. Coach K Happy

coach k excited olympics

I bet he’s cheering because Kobe just passed the ball.


21. Nutshot

astros third base coach nutshot

Just because you’re the coach, that doesn’t mean you can forgo the protective cup.


20. Flipout

KELLOGG-FREAKOUT umass coach angry

Is Derek Kellog happy or angry? It’s hard to tell.


19. Epic Manager Tirade

phil wellman minor league manager grenade

This is minor league manager Phil Wellman. He’s the best.


18. Gold Digger

wisconsin nose digger

How’s is goin’, coach. Find anything yet?


17. Torts Mad

tortorella angy cause he got fired

John Tortarella probably did the exact same thing when he got fired yesterday.


16. Mourinho Celebration 1

mourinho celebrates

Love him or hate him, (soon-t0-be former) Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho sure knows how to party…


15. Mourinho Celebration 2

mourinho celebrates again

See what I mean?

I hope Jose has got a dry cleaner that specializes in grass stains.


14. Wardrobe Issues

coach wardrobe malfunction

Well, zippers are pretty tricky.


13. Slap Happy


Note to self: don’t piss off Tommy Tuberville. He will embarrass you in public.


12. Will Muschamp


Can you guess which game this is from?

If you said “Florida’s only loss of the season, to Georgia, on October 27,” you’re correct!



11. Angry Dynamo

KINNEAR f*ck you

Who, me???


10. Terry Collins Ducks for Cover

TERRY-COLLINS ducks for cover

What you’re looking at is the exactly moment Terry Collins realized taking a job with the Mets was a bad choice.


9. AVB Reacts

andre villas-boas excited

I can’t tell if Tottenham coach Andre Villas-Boas is elated or outraged here. Who knows, maybe it’s both?


8. Dugout Justice

HICKEY-SPANKS-FULD dugout discipline

If you did this in your office your boss would make you go to sexual harassment workshops.


7. WTF

michigan coach-jerkoff

Flag on the play…jacking off…10 yard penalty…first down.


6. Thinking Sexy Thoughts

washington football coach sexy lips

Mmmmmmm baaaaaacon…


5. Northwestern Hospitality

k state coach forehead wipe

“You there, follow me around as a pace and dab the sweat from my forehead!”


4. Disgusted

disgusted japanese olympic coach

Tell us what you really think.


3. The Earpiece Incident

geoff ward bruins coach throws earpiece in fans beer

Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward decided he didn’t want his earpiece anymore, so he tried to subtly throw it into the stands…where it landed in some guy’s beer.


2. Miguel Herrera 2

mexican soccer coach 1

A pretty straight-forward celebration can get awkward pretty quick.

Get a room, dudes.


1. Miguel Herrera 2

mexican soccer coach 2

After Mexican soccer club CF America completed a huge come-from-behind victory against Cruz Azul, manager Miguel Herrera turned into some sort of lightning-powered wizard.