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15 Most-Ejected MLB Managers of All-Time

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, June 4, 2013

most ejected mlb managers (most ejections)

In most sports, if the coach or manger went ballistic, got up in the official’s face, and screamed at him at the top of his lungs, that person would get suspended and/or fined. Baseball, however, is different. It’s expected that managers will go apesh*t from time to time. It’s part of the game. When it happens, the ump just ejects him—then he leaves the stadium and, assuming it’s a home game, gets a huge round of applause.

Yes, manager ejections are just one of the many quirks that make baseball great. And today we’re going to celebrate this quirk with a list of the all-time leaders in manager ejections. Who will take the top spot? Read on to find out.


15. Charlie Manuel

15 Charlie Manuel - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Indians (2000-02), Phillies (2005-present)
Games: 1,732
Ejections: 50

Despite his advanced age (69), Charlie Manuel really hasn’t managed all that many games. However, his ejection rate of 1 per every 33.48 games has allowed him to climb into the top 15 on the all-time list. (Technically he’s tied with Mike Hargrove, who also has 50, but since Charlie is sure to get ejected at least one more time before he’s all washed up, we gave the spot to him.)


14. Bill Rigney

14 Bill Rigney Giants - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Giants (1956-60), Angels (1961-69), Twins (1970-72), Giants (1976)
Games: 2,561
Ejections: 51

Rigney got ejected every 50 games or so throughout his managerial career, a rate that is on the lower end of the spectrum among managers to make this list. He never won any championships, and his career winning percentage was .484, but at least he’s on one “all-time” list.


13. Clark Griffiths

12 clark griffiths - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): White Sox (1901-02), Yankees (1903-08), Reds (1909-11), Senators (1912-20)
Games: 2,917
Ejections: 58

How long ago was this guy’s career? Well, how about this: back when he coached the Yankees, they weren’t even the Yankees. And I don’t mean it like, “they weren’t what they are now.” I mean, literally, they were not called the Yankees. They were called the New York Highlanders.

Anyway, like a lot of guys on this list, Griffiths’ ejection rate isn’t particularly high. He just managed a long time in the big leagues.


12. Bruce Bochy

13 Bruce Bochy giants - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Padres (1995-2006), Giants (2007-present)
Games: 2,956
Ejections: 59

Bochy started out the year with 57 ejections. But he’s already got two more in 2013, so now he’s up to 59. Given his relatively young age (58 makes him a spring chicken compared to Charlie Manuel), if he keeps this rate going he could easily top 90 ejections by the time it’s all said and done. That would put him much higher up on the list.


11. Lou Pinella

11 lou piniella cubs kicking hat - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Yankees (1986-88) Reds (1990-92), Mariners (1993-2002), Rays (2003-05), Cubs (2007-10)
Games: 3,544
Ejections: 63

For one of the most famous “tirade managers” of the modern era, Lou Piniella sure didn’t have a lot of ejections. I mean, yes, 63 is a lot, but his ejection rate was just one for every 56.25 games managed, which is pretty average. If you had asked me prior to my writing this list, I would have pegged him as a sure bet for the top three.


10. Ron Gardenhire

10 ron gardenhire twins - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Twins (2002-present)
Games: 1,837
Ejections: 65

Now, Ron Gardenhire—there’s an ejection machine. Nobody in the game today gets ejected as often as Gardenhire, who gets the boot every 28.14 games. In fact, of the managers on this list, only four got tossed more often. So keep an eye on this guy. He’s just 55 years old and could very well end up breaking some records.

9. Joe Torre

9 joe torre ejected - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Teams: Mets (1977-81), Braves (1982-84), Cardinals (1990-95), Yankees (1996-07), Dodgers (2008-10)
Games: 4,329
Ejections: 66

Joe Torre was never a particularly fiery guy, and his ejection rate of 1 per 65.05 games reflected that. However, he managed for a lot longer than most people realize, which is how he wound up on this list.


8. Jim Leyland

8 jim leyland tigers - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Pirates (1986-96), Marlins (1997-98), Rockies (1999), Tigers (2006-present)
Games: 3,391
Ejections: 68

Jim Leyland’s presence on this list is a combination of longevity and cantankerousness. The guy has been around for a long time and he’s got a slightly above-average ejection rate of 1 per every 49.03 games.

Still no championships, though. Poor guy.


7. Frankie Frisch

7 frankie frisch cardinals - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Cardinals (1933-38), Pirates (1940-46), Cubs (1949-51)
Games: 2,246
Ejections: 80

Coming in at number seven is one of the guys with a higher ejection rate than Ron Gardenhire. Frisch, who was the player/manager of the legendary Gas House Gang Cardinals, would get ejected as a manager once every 28.08 games—though, from 1933-37, I guess it would be hard to tell whether he actually got ejected as a player or as a manager.


6. Paul Richards

6 Paul Richards Orioles - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): White Sox (1951-54), Orioles (1955-61), White Sox (1976)
Games: 1,837
Ejections: 80

Did you do the math on this one yet? Paul Richards’ ejection rate was off the charts. He got tossed once ever 22.96 games. In fact, in 1956 he set the American League record for most manager ejections in a season with a whopping 12. (Obviously, the Orioles were not very good that year.)


5. Tony LaRussa

5 Tony Larussa Cardianls - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): White Sox (1979-86), Athletics (1986-95), Cardinals (1996-2011)
Games: 5,097
Ejections: 87

Tony LaRussa is second all-time in games managed and third all-time in game won. With that kind of longevity, even a modest rate of 1 ejection per 58.55 games is going to add up.


4. Leo Durocher

4 Leo Durocher brooklyn Dodgers - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Dodgers (1939-46), Giants (1948-55), Cubs (1966-72), Astros (1972-73)
Games: 3,738
Ejections: 94

Durocher managed about thirteen hundred fewer games than Tony LaRussa, but he got ejected a lot more often—1 per ever 39.77 games.


3. Earl Weaver

3 earl weaver baltimore orioles - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Orioles (1968-82, 1985-86)
Games: 2,541
Ejections: 94

The late great Earl Weaver coached the O’s in three different decades, winning three pennants and one World Series Championship. He also got ejected from games at the historic rate of 27.03, which is second only to Paul Richards.

Apparently the Orioles like their managers feisty.


2. John McGraw

2 John McGraw 1912 New York Giants - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): NL Orioles (1899), AL Orioles (1901-02), Giants (1902-32)
Games: 4,768
Ejections: 118

Only one manager in the history of baseball won more games than John McGraw, and only one got ejected from more games. And no, they are not the same person. The only manager with more wins than McGraw was Connie Mack. The only manager with more ejections was…


1. Bobby Cox

1 Bobby Cox - most ejected mlb managers (manager ejections)

Team(s): Braves (1978-81), Blue Jays (1982-85), Braves (1990-2010)
Games: 4,508
Ejections: 161

When you’re fourth on the all-time games managed list and you have an ejection rate of 1 per every 27.96 games, that adds up to a lot of ejections. In fact, right after Johnny Van Dermeer’s consecutive no-hitters, Joe Dimaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, and Cy Young’s 501 wins, this might just be the most unbreakable record in baseball.


Big tip o’ the hat to David Vincent of SABR and Retrosheet (via for the raw data.