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25 Gorgeous Female Athlete GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 6, 2013
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hot female athlete gifs

Gorgeous female athletes are awesome, and animated GIFs are awesome. Combining the two really is a no-brainer, so it’s kind of surprising we haven’t done it until now. However, as the old saying goes, better late than never. Right? Right. But that’s enough chit chat already. You don’t really need me to explain why you should look at this list, do you? I didn’t think so. Let’s get to the GIFs then.

25. Alex Morgan

alex morgan doing yoga - hot female athlete gifs

One of the best and hottest female soccer players in the world doing yoga? That’s a winner.


24. Ana Ivanovic

ana ivanovic - hot female athlete gifs

This looks like a weird commercial. Still, whatever it is Ana is selling, put me down for two.


23. Leryn Franco

leryn franco olympic opening ceremony - hot female athlete gifs

Behold, the world’s sexiest javelin thrower. Sure, she’s never won any medals, but how many Olympics have you been to?


22. Gina Carano

gina carano dancing - hot female athlete gifs

Gina Carano perfected her celebration dance. It’s a shame she no longer competes in MMA.


21. Alana Blanchard, Part I

female surfer - hot female athlete gifs

One stinking GIF of pro surfer/bikini model Alana Blanchard simply will not do. So we’re giving you three…


20. Alanda Blanchard, Part II

alana blanchard underwater - hot female athlete gifs

Underwater bikini jogging: it’s the latest thing.


19. Alana Blanchard, Part III

alana blanchard waterfall gif - hot female athlete gifs

Did I mention we’re huge fans of Alana Blanchard? Oh, okay. Good.


18. Sydney Leroux

sydney leroux shushing canadian fans - hot female athlete gifs

Sydney Leroux, everyone! She’s even hot while taunting an entire nation. (In this case, Canada.)


17. Allison Stokke

allison stokke - hot female athlete gifs

The internet is a strange place. Only there can someone become a minor celebrity just for being hot—as in the case of Allison Stokke. (If you don’t know her, Google her.)


16. Anastasia Ashley

anastasia ashley jogging on treadmill - hot female athlete gifs

The internet says this backside belongs to pro surfer Anastasia Ashley, and I’m inclined the take the internet’s word for it. It’s a lot smarter than me.


15. Hope Solo

hope solo blowing kiss - hot female athlete gifs

Blowin’ kisses and winnin’ gold medals. You go, Hope Solo.


14. Jessica Ennis

jessica ennis javelin - hot female athlete gifs

Jessica Ennis was the star of the 2012 Summer Olympics…in England, anyway. Why? Because she won the Heptathlon and is quite attractive.


13. The Jogger

jogging - hot female athlete gifs

The GIF has been floating around the internet for a while and is quite famous. I like to call it simply, “The Jogger.”


12. Lolo Jones

lolo jones hurdles - hot female athlete gifs

Some people in the press gave Lolo Jones a hard time last year for getting more attention than her performance on the track merited. However, we here at Total Pro Sports say more power to her.


11. Natalie Gulbis

natalie gulbis - hot female athlete gifs

Just a GIF of the hottest golfer in the LPGA sizing up a shot. Nothing to see here.


10. Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova - hot female athlete gifs

This is Maria’s reaction when I asked her out on a date. Obviously.


9. Michelle Jenneke, Part I

michelle jenneke dancing- hot female athlete gifs

Here is Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke doing the warmup dance that made her an internet sensation.


8. Michelle Jenneke, Part II

michelle jenneke bikini shoot - hot female athlete gifs

And here is Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame by shooting a spread for the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue.


7. The Fitness Buff

fitness chick - hot female athlete gifs

I don’t know who this female athlete is, but she is very fit.


6. Ronda Rousey

ronda rousey getting undressed - hot female athlete gifs

Ronda Rousey is one hell of an athlete and an excellent MMA fighter. Still, I have to admit that, for me, her weigh-ins are the best part of any bout.


5. Sara Jean Underwood

sara jean underwood yoga - hot female athlete gifs

Is 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood really an “athlete”?

When she’s doing yoga she is.


4. Snezana Rodic

snezana rodic track gif - hot female athlete gifs

Much to our disappointment, Slovenian triple jumper Snezana Rodic did not make her country’s Olympic team last year.


3. Ivet Lalova, Part I

ivet lalova gif - hot female athlete gifs

Bulgarian sprinter Ivet Lalova also did not make her country’s Olympic team last year.

I know, right?


2. Ivet Lalova, Part II

ivet lalova track gif - hot female athlete gifs

Obviously, there must have been some sort of clerical error, and she just didn’t get the email saying she’d made the team.


1. Caroline Wozniacki

caroline wozniacki wiggle - hot female athlete gifs

I think this was the move that caught boyfriend Rory McIlroy’s eye.