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21 Crazy Hockey Fans from the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

by: Esteban On  Friday, June 7, 2013

crazy hockey fans stanley cup playoffs 2013

There’s no doubt that NHL fans are some of the most passionate in all of pro sports. When MLB went on strike in 1994 and forced the cancellation of the World Series, it took a whole decade for fans to come back. But this year, after enduring a completely unnecessary four-month lockout, NHL fans came back immediately and were as fervent as ever.

Is this a bad thing? Well, when it comes to not being pushed around by greedy owners and players it is. But when it comes time for playoff hockey this irrational passion is definitely an asset. No other fans go nuts for the playoffs like hockey fans. And today we’re going to celebrate their passion with this list of crazy NHL fans going all-out for the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


21. Kings Face

21 kings fan - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

With this paintjob, the dude can go right from the Kings game to a Kiss concert.


20. Vancouver Bubble Guy

20 canucks bubble guy - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Be careful with those bubbles, man. If any of them hit Alex Burrows he’ll crumble to the ice grabbing his face.


19. Mustachioed Leafs Fans

19 maple leafs fans - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

These Maple Leafs fans have never enjoyed a beer at a playoff game before…because the last time the Leafs were in the playoffs prior to 2013 these guys were just 11 years old.


18. Bearded Wildmen


These fans of the Minnesota Wild probably figured they weren’t going to get the chance to grow thick playoff beards naturally, so they just put on some fake ones instead…you know, just to see what it feels like to make it past the first round.


17. Habs Helmet Heads

17 canadiens fans goal light helmets - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

What a cute couple! Matching hats and everything.


16. Sharks Chicks

16 sharks fans face paint - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

The girl on the right looks like a court jester and the girl on the left looks like a zombie.

Nice effort, though.


15. The Excited Capitals Kid

15 happy capitals kid - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

This kid looks like he just saw a naked woman for the first time. It’s a shame he is a capitals fan, because all that youthful optimism and joy will be gone in about 10 years when he realized his team will probably never win the Stanley Cup. (And I don’t say that as a Caps hater, but as a fan of a similar team who can commiserate.)


14. The Vancouver Green Men

14 vancouver green men shark fin soup - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Some people can’t stand the Green Men and want them banned from games, but those people need to just sit back, sip some scotch, and relax before they give themselves hemorrhoids over nothing.


13. Nice Headband

13 leafs fan stanley cup headband - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

This Leafs fan actually thought the Stanley Cup replicas on his headband were life-sized—that’s how long it’s been since the Leafs last won the Cup.


12. The Long Island Troll

12 islanders fans playoffs - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Being an Islanders fan is enough to drive anyone to insanity.


11. The St. Louis Troll Lady

11 blues troll doll lady - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Please ignore the attractive women with the blue and gold face in the background. Instead, give a good long look to the woman on the left, who has a large troll doll dressed in a Blues jersey in her arms and a mini troll doll in a Blues jersey on her hat.

Wow, right?


10. The Three Amigos

10 kings fan sombrero - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Fat Elvis, goal light girl, and sombrero dude walk into a bar…

Oh, you’ve heard this one?


9. Elton John?

9 maple leafs fan - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

I had no idea Elton John was a Maple Leafs fan. Of course, his husband David Furnish is from Scarborough, Ontario.


8. Darth Mauls

8 creepy darth maul blackhawks fan - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

All these Blackhawks fans are missing is a double-sided light sabre and some really hokey dialogue.


7. The Ottawa Transformer

7 senators fan dressed as transformer - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

I’m not sure what a giant robot has to do with the Ottawa Senators, but this guy definitely gets an A for effort.


6. The Creepy Mohawk Dude

6 scary blackhawks fan mohawk - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

 That bald cap really gives me the heebie jeebies. It reminds me of Jame Gumb‘s people-skin suits.


5. The Bearded Kid

5 fake beard blackhawks kid - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Apparently this kid’s name is Zax. Not Zack, or Zach, but Zax.

Anyway, one of his teachers at school outside Chicago challenged him to grow a fake playoff beard for extra credit, so he took him/her up on it.

Unfortuantely, that’s all I know about him. I think the article I found on the interwebz was written by his classmates, so it didn’t really flesh out the whole story.


4. The Rally Towel Suit

4 bruins fan bruins coach made from rally towels - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

A sport coat made entirely out of Bruins rally towels? That. Is. Awesome.

It also looks pretty cozy.


3. Duckface

3 anaheim ducks fan wearing duck mask - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

This is definitely the creepiest crazy NHL fan I came across. The top two you’re about to see are way more gross, but this one is more terrifying.


2. Let's Go Chest Hair!

2 penguins fan sign shaved into chest - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Wow. Just…wow.


1. Classy Lady

1 female blues fan playoff beard - crazy nhl fans stanley cup playoffs

Get it? She’s talking about her…oh, never mind. One would imagine the folks over in the Blues’ marketing department did an epic facepalm when they saw this. It’s not exactly good for the brand image.

In any case, I bet you didn’t think there was anyone could possibly top the last guy, did you?