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17 Most Outstanding Playoff Beards from the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs (So Far)

by: Esteban On  Monday, June 10, 2013

NHL playoff beards 2013

The Stanley Cup Finals are set, and the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night at the United Center. However, before we shift our attention to the action, let’s take a moment out of our busy day to remember what’s truly important at this time of year: playoff beards. Though some beards still have more time to grow, most have been vanquished and shaved off by this point. So what better time to take a look back and see which guys had the most noteworthy—whether for good or for bad—scratchy faces of spring 2013?


Honorable Mention: Brent Burns (Sharks)

brent burns - honorable mention playoff beard

We can’t really include San Jose’s Brent Burns in this list since he showed up to training camp looking like he just finished shooting a Geico commercial (left). However, we couldn’t very well let this amazing beard go unnoticed, either. So we gave him an honorable mention.


17. Viktor Stalberg (Blackhawks)

17 viktor stalberg - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

When it comes to playoff beard grooming, some guys are purists who insist that no whisker-cutting device should go anywhere near the face, while others are more new school. Obviously, Stalberg adheres to the traditional philosophy. His beard is quite unruly.


16. Patrice Bergeron (Bruins)


Patrice Bergeron keeps his beard looking pretty au natural. However, you can see that he did trim the upper reaches…probably just so that the thick growth doesn’t obstruct his vision.


15. Sidney Crosby (Penguins)

15 Sidney Crosby - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

What would the Stanley Cup Playoffs be without taking a few moments to make fun of the best hockey player in the world for his sad patch of scruff?


14. James Neal (Penguins)

14 james neal - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

The award for best ginger beard of the 2013 NHL playoffs might end up going to James Neal unless Duncan Keith can pull off something really special in the next one to two weeks.


13. Henrik Zetterberg (Red Wings)

13 henrik zetterberg - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Henrik Zetterberg got a head start on his playoff beard this year, as you can see from that photo on the left, which is from the end of the regular season. Still, in just four weeks he turned that short, neatly groomed beard into a bushy and majestic beard worthy of his Viking heritage. Could you imagine what he would have looked like if the Wings went all the way this year?


12. Brent Seabrook (Blackhawks)

12 Brent Seabrook - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Seabrook has one of the more impressive neck beards going right now.

As for the kid interviewing him…yeah, that’s fake.


11. Corey Crawford (Blackhawks) & Jonathan Quick (Kings)


Corey Crawford prevailed over Jonathan Quick on the scoresheet and in the beard department.


10. Brad Marchand & Tyler Seguin (Bruins)

10 brad marchand and tyler seguin - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Together, Marchand and Seguin make the Bruins look more like a junior team than legit Stanley Cup contenders. In fact, Brad Marchan’s beard is one of the scruffiest playoff beards of all-time, and it just never seems to get any thicker.


9. Zdeno Chara (Bruins)

9 zdeno chara - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Give Chara another week or two and his beard will be even better. The dude is a beast.


8. Jonathan Toews (Blackhawks)

8 jonathan toews - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

The question here is whether Jonathan Toews just shaves his lip, or whether that Amish-looking chin strip comes naturally. I’m going to say it’s natural—I don’t think the kid has anything going on there on his lip, though perhaps he just shaves off the embarrassing peach fuzz.


7. Pascal Dupuis (Penguins)


If Dupuis’s Penguins hadn’t been swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals, this playoff beard could have been epic. That is some dense growth right there.


6. Johnny Oduya (Blackhawks)

6 Johnny Oduya - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Mr. Oduya looks like the “after guy” from a Just For Men commercial. And yes, that is a compliment, because I think the “after guy” is usually Walt Frazier.


5. Dustin Penner (Kings)


Ever notice how Dustin Penner only seems to play well in the playoffs? Well, did anyone ever consider that it might just be the beard?

Dustin, stop shaving, man.


4. Patrick Kane (Blackhawks)

4 Patrick Kane - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

You can always count on Patrick Kane to contribute a skeezy mullet and straight-up pubescent playoff beard.

You can also count on him for some clutch goals.


3. Jeff Carter (Kings)

3  jeff carter - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Gash on his chin? Check. (Thanks, Duncan Keith.) Missing front teeth? Check. Grizzly playoff beard? Check.

Yep, this is a hockey player alright.


2. Joe Thornton (Sharks)

2  Joe Thornton - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Look at that beard! It’s a shame we’ve never been able to see what it would look like with a few more weeks growth.


1. Jaromir Jagr (Bruins)

1 jaromir jagre - 2013 NHL Playoff Beards

Jaromir Jagr may not have the nasty perm mullet anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on ridiculous hair. He posted this shot of his beard online recently. It pretty much makes him the king of 2013 postseason hockey beards, don’t you think?

I guess those Jagr superfans will have to add something new to their repertoire.