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27 Ridiculously Awesome Surfing GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 20, 2013
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surfing gifs

Chances are you have been in full-on summer mode for several weeks now, with the shorts and hats and coolers full of beer and outdoor drunkenness. But technically, according to science, summer doesn’t begin until tomorrow at 1:04 AM ET. So today, I thought what better way than to celebrate the official, science-approved start of summer than with a bunch of GIFs from the summeriest sports there is: surfing.

Now, let me just say right off the bat that I know nothing about surfing and I’m not trying to teach anyone anything about surfing. However, like most people, I think surfing is cool as hell, and the GIFs you’ll see here reflect that.

So, ready to start wishing you lived near a beach? Well, then let’s go…


27. Surf Dancing

surf board dancing - surfing gifs

I don’t know if “surf dancing” is a thing, but obviously it should be.


26. Stop Motion Surfing, Part I

surf board dancing - surfing gifs

Okay, seriously, what kind of sorcery did they use to get a shot like this? Obviously it would have to be multiple cameras, but where are they? On a boat? Another surf board?


25. Buoyancy

underwater surfer - surfing gifs

Don’t look at this one for too long. You could get hypnotized and come to your senses five minutes later.


24. Alana Blanchard FTW

alana blanchard surfing 4 - surfing gifs

How could I not throw a few Alana Blanchard GIFs in here? Actually, I think it’s the law—when talking about surfing you must mention Alana Blanchard.


23. Swallowed Up

swallowed by the wave - surfing gifs

Shots like this were just made to be turned into GIFs, weren’t they?


22. Big Wave

cool wave - surfing gifs

Kind of looks like a commercial for minty fresh gum, doesn’t it?

21. Surfing Sign Language

sign language - surfing gifs

I believe what this gentleman is trying to say is best translated as, “that was awesome bro!”


20. Showing Off

surfer chick 1 - surfing gifs

Hey, look what I can do!


19. Surfing Videography

surfer's eye view - surfing gifs

Surfing and taking great video at the same time? That’s got to take some practice.


18. More Alana Blanchard

alana blanchard surfing 3 - surfing gifs

I have no idea if Alana Blanchard is a good surfer, but she is an excellent bikini model.


17. Neat Trick

surfing 360 spin - surfing gifs

I’d say there’s been a bit of cultural crossover between surfing and skateboarding over the years.


16. Boardcam

through the wave - surfing gifs

Shots like this are why they invented waterproof cameras.


15. Get Low

squeezing through - surfing gifs

This is like the surfing equivalent of limbo.


14. Alana Again

alana blanchard surfing 1 - surfing gifs

Yes, mounting a camera on the front of Alana Blanchard’s surfboard was a good idea.


13. Close Call

right at the camera - surfing gifs

Another foot closer and the person holding the camera might have had some nasty lacerations.

All worth it for the shot, though.


12. Back and Forth

off the cliff - surfing gifs

Is it just me, or does it look like this guy is going over the edge of a waterfall?


11. Pretty Basic Skill

surfing spin trick 2 - surfing gifs

That one looks pretty easy to pick up, right? Just ride up an then spin yourself and your board 360º?


10. Stop Motion Surfing, Part II

stop motion surfing - surfing gifs

When did the Wachowski brothers start making surfing documentaries?


9. The Shaka Sign

surfer girl 2 - surfing gifs

The shaka sign, which is synonymous with Hawaiian surf culture (and not to be confused with the shocker sign) means, more or less, “hang loose.”


8. Infinite Wave

surfing wave tunnel - surfing gifs

At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


7. Rear View

surfing rear view jetstream - surfing gifs

If you’re claustrophobic, you don’t want to look back while surfing and see the wave closing up behind you.


6. Still More Alana

alana blanchard surfing 2 - surfing gifs

Do you think this woman ever surfs without fourteen cameras pointed at her?


5. Spin-o-Rama

awesome surfing trick - surfing gifs

Yeah, that looks like another beginner move to me.


4. Swallowed in the Sea

engulfed - surfing gifs

I think I want to be an action sports photographer when I grow up.


3. Nowhere to Run

swallowed - surfing gifs

Every once in a while it’s probably good to be reminded that the sea is more powerful than you and, sometimes, there is no escape.


2. From Below

view from underneath the wave - surfing gifs

So this is what the sharks see while they’re stalking you?


1. Vert Skateboarding Meets Surfing

surfing spin trick - surfing gifs

While surfing culture probably affected skateboarding culture first, it’s obvious that the influence now flows in both directions.