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19 Soccer Dancing GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, June 27, 2013
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soccer dancing gifs

You see lots of dancing in the world of sports. Sometimes it’s in an end zone; sometimes it’s in the clubhouse before the game; sometimes it’s on the charter flight after the game, and sometimes it’s up in the stands, courtesy of inebriated fans. However, I’d say that nobody in the world of sports likes to dance like soccer players.

Maybe it’s because the goals are so few and far between. Maybe it’s because so many of them are from dance-crazy counties in Latin America. But they sure love to bust a move whenever possible. And today we’re going to celebrate their love of going footloose with this list of animated GIFs.

So let’s get things going, shall we?


19. The Barcelona Shimmy

tiago alves dance - soccer dancing gifs

Thiago Alcantara and Daniel Alves are having such a nice time until shaggy dog Carles Puyol comes in to break it up.


18. The CrouchBot 5000

peter crouch dance - soccer dancing gifs

Peter Crouch has some pretty slick moves for somebody who is eight feet tall.


17. Galatasaray Chicken Dance

eboue chicken dance - soccer dancing gifs

Fun fact: Turkish soccer teams like to pretend like they are chickens after scoring goals.


16. The Interloper

spain fan joins dance - soccer dancing gifs

No matter how big a fan you are, it’s just rude to interrupt a soccer team when they’re performing a ceremonial rain dance.


15. Oh Ronaldo

real madrid dancing - soccer dancing gifs

Looks like these two guys are in a Donna Summer music video or something.


14. B-Boy Soccer

break dancing soccer - soccer dancing gifs

Does this one remind anyone else of the breakdance fighting in Zoolander? 


13. More Breakdancing

soccer break dancing - soccer dancing gifs

The breakdancing is cool and all, but he just leaves his poor teammate hanging there. The dude’s like, oh, hey, cool, we’re dancing. Then all of a sudden he doesn’t know what to do with himself…so he winds up lying down next to him on the field, and things get awkward.


12. Real Madrid Happy Dance

real madrid happy dance - soccer dancing gifs

Those Real Madrid boys sure were happy when they clinched the Liga title.

(In case you couldn’t tell, this is a scene from Borat with Real Madrid heads added in.)


11. Waka Waka

dancing soccer guys shakira video - soccer dancing gifs

Remember Shakira’s official theme song from World Cup 2010 in South Africa? Well, the video made one hell of an awesome soccer dancing gif.


10. Dancing Ukrainian

happy ukrainian - soccer dancing gifs

This is from a rain delay during Euro 2012. Aint no precipitation gonna keep this guy down. He was there to party.


9. Celebratory Bunny Hop?

soccer bunny hop dance - soccer dancing gifs

Seriously, WTF are these dudes doing? That is some of the worst soccer dancing I’ve ever seen.

Let’s wipe this out of our memory with some quality dance moves…


8. Norwich Happy Dance 1

brazil happy dance 2 - soccer dancing gifs

Those guys on Norwhich City know how to bust a move. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought they were a bunch of Brazilians.


7. Norwich Happy Dance 2

brazil happy dance 1 - soccer dancing gifs

Even when his teammates have finished and are starting to move on, Sebastien Bassong just keeps on shakin’ it.

I guess once you’ve found your groove you don’t want to stop.


6. The Goalie Dance

the goalie dance - soccer dancing gifs

I know he’s actually just warming up, but it does look like he’s doing a little dance—the most annoying dance in the world.


5. Ronaldinho Boogie

ronaldinho dancing - soccer dancing gifs

Ronaldinho knows how to dance. Those Brazilians are doing the samba from the time they’re five years old.


4. The Schweinsteiger

Schweinsteiger Dancing - soccer dancing gifs

This is pretty much the type of dancing you’d expect from a German. They’re like the anti-Brazilians in just about every way.


3. The Butt Hop

goalie butt dance - soccer dancing gifs

Meet Robert Kidiaba. He’s the goalie for the Congo national team, and this is his customary celebration dance.

Also, is it just me, or does he not look like the genie from Aladdin?



soccer dance haters gone hate - soccer dancing gifs

I’m sure there’s a very good explanation for what’s going on here, but I don’t know what it is. All I really know is this is amazing.


1. Celebratory Patty Cake

walcott dance - soccer dancing gifs

When Arsenal scores a goal, Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs like to play an advanced game of patty cake in celebration. How cute.