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27 Funny Anderson Silva Knockout Memes and Images

by: Esteban On  Monday, July 8, 2013
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anderson silva knockout memes

Don’t follow UFC? That’s okay. I’ll get you all caught up with just one (long) sentence: on Saturday night, Anderson Silva, probably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, pound for pound, was knocked out by Chris Weideman...immediately after taunting him.

The shocking manner in which Silva got laid out by Weidman didn’t just end Silva’s impressive 16-bout winning streak, or his equally impressive 10-bout title defense streak. It also called into question the guy’s character and, therefore, his MMA legacy.

Oh, and it was kind of hilarious. And, as is always the case when hilarious things happen in the world of sports, the internet didn’t waste any time churning out memes and images commemorating this particular moment in sports history.

What’s a meme, you ask? I’ll let you look up the full definition on Wikipedia on your own. For now, let’s just say they’re series of funny pictures with a recurring theme. And in this case, the recurring theme is the great Anderson Silva getting his lights punched out.

Take a look…


27. The Animated GIF

27 anderson silva knockout gif - anderson silva knockout memes

Missed the big UFC 162 title fight? Well, here’s the most important part. As you can see, the great Silva very badly misjudged Chris Weidman’s reach.


26. The Closeup

26 anderson silva knockout punch - anderson silva knockout memes

And here is a nice closeup shot of the moment Silva lost his UFC Middleweight Championship belt. Ouch.


25. Black People React

25 black people react to silva knockout - anderson silva knockout memes

If you know memes, then this one is familiar to you. If you’re not familiar, you can read about it here.


24. Ryu Wins

24 ryu knocks out anderson silva - anderson silva knockout memes

Unfortunately, it did not take any magical powers for Weidman to KO Silva. It just took a little too much hubris and a good stiff punch to the jaw.


23. Rocky IV?

23 not sure if rocky 4 - anderson silva knockout memes

Seriously, Weidman must be a fan of Rocky IVright?


22. I'm Sleep Tho

22 i'm sleep tho - anderson silva knockout memes

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


21. Leave Anderson Alone!

21 leave anderson alone - anderson silva knockout memes

Brazil won the Confederations Cup, but they’re MMA hero got embarrassed on Saturday. The Lord givieth, and the Lord taketh away.


20. Steven Seagal

20 steven seagal talks anderson silva knockout - anderson silva knockout memes

Hey, remember when Steven Seagal took the credit for Anderson Silva’s victory of Chael Sonnen? Yeah, that was hilarious.


19. New Catch Phrase?

19 anderson silva float like a narcoleptic - anderson silva knockout memes

It’s not very catchy for a catch phrase, but it is accurate.


18. Doing the Limbo

18 anderson silva doing the limbo - anderson silva knockout memes

How low can Anderson go? Pretty much all the way down, really.


17. Superfights? Ha

17 anderson silva mocked by gsp - anderson silva knockout memes

Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones probably aren’t going too eager to engage Silva in a UFC superfight now.


16. Emo Peter Parker LOLs

16 emo peter parker lol anderson silva - anderson silva knockout memes

Silva fans were pretty bummed out on Saturday night, but Emo Peter Parker thought it was hilarious.


15. Taunting

15 silva knockout - anderson silva knockout memes

Seriously, there are so many examples of guys getting knocked the f@#& out after taunting their opponent, you have to wonder why anyone would be so stupid as to even think about it?


14. No Dancing

14 anderson silva dancing with the stars - anderson silva knockout memes

Once again, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.


13. Silva Joins WWE

13 anderson silva wwe - anderson silva knockout memes

Here is KO’d Anderson Silva getting body slammed in the WWE…


12. Silva Tries Plumbing

12 anderson silva the plumber - anderson silva knockout memes

Here is KO’d Anderson Silva trying to fix a leaky sink…


11. Silva Goes Crumping

11 anderson silva hip hop dancing - anderson silva knockout memes

Here is KO’d Anderson Silva dancing in a rap video…


10. Silva Goes to Seaworld

10 anderson silva swimming with dolphins - anderson silva knockout memes

And here is KO’d Anderson Silva performing with the dolphins at Sea World.


9. Dawson Sad

9 anderson silva lost (dawson's creek) - anderson silva knockout memes

Some guys just can’t handle the UFC. Dawson is one of them.


8. Glitch in the Matrix

8 glitch in the matrix - anderson silva knockout memes

Before Saturday night, the comparison of the shifty Silva to the bullet-dodging Neo in The Matrix was apt.

Now? Not so much.


7. Paula Deen's (Fake) Reaction

7 anderson silva paula deen - anderson silva knockout memes

Yeah, let’s bring disgraced chef Paula Deen and her racial slur controversy into this. Why not?


6. That Awkward Moment

6 awkward moment - anderson silva knockout memes

Yep, pretty much.



5. Homer


The great Homer Simpson. Always so poignant.


4. Manny & Anderson

4 anderson silva with manny pacquiao - anderson silva knockout memes

Looks like Anderson Silva is joining Manny Pacquiao for a little siesta.


3. The Taunt

2 anderson silva taunt - anderson silva knockout memes

Sometimes you don’t need words to tell a story.

This here is part one…


2. The Aftermath

3 chris wideman knocks out silva - anderson silva knockout memes

And this here is part two.

Silva is like, WTF just happened? Weidman is saying, come taunt me again, motherf@#$&r!


1. Bad Luck Brian Goes to UFC

1 bad luck brian - anderson silva knockout memes

When in doubt, just go with reliable old Bad Luck Brian. He always hits the nail on the head.