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The 13 Best MLB Cheerleading Squads of 2013

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 11, 2013
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best mlb cheerleading squads (MLB cheerleaders)

I know what you’re thinking—”there are no cheerleaders in Major League Baseball”—but you’re wrong. Baseball teams have cheerleaders. They may not wear the skimpy outfits that the cheerleaders where in the NFL, NBA, or even the NHL; they may not always perform choreographed numbers; and they may not call them cheerleaders. But those girls who stand on the dugouts, blowing whistles and throwing shirt to fans? They’re cheerleaders. And today we’re going to take a look at the best cheerleading squads the game of baseball has to offer fans in 2013.

Ready to start? Super. Let’s get to it…


13. Philadelphia Phillies Ball Girls

12 2013 Philadelphia Phillies Ball Girls - MLB Cheerleaders

The Phillies take a slightly unorthodox approach to putting cheerleaders on the field. Rather than charge their squad with getting the crowd pumped up, they give them another important task: corralling foul balls.

That’s right, the Phillies “cheerleaders” are actually ball girls. And, shockingly, there’s quite a lot of them. (You wouldn’t think young women would be dying to take on this job, given how notoriously rowdy Phillies fans can be.)


12. Washington Nationals NatPack

2013 Washington Nationals NatPack - MLB Cheerleaders

That Nationals call their pep squad the NatPack. Get it? The NatPack. Like the Rat Pack? Anyway, I’ve never been to a Nationals game myself, but it sure looks like these ladies do a fine job of getting the fans all worked up. They certainly have some of the shortest skirts you’ll find in MLB.


11. Texas Rangers Six Shooters

11 2013 Texas Rangers Six Shooters - MLB Cheerleaders

Leave it to Texas to have a cheerleading squad named after a gun, right? In any case, the “Six Shooters” is actually a pretty good looking squad, considering the fact that the Dallas Cowboys basically play right across the street, and they have probably the most famous and iconic cheerleading squad in all of sports.


10. The Tampa Bay Ray Team

10 2013 Tampa Bay Rays Ray Team - MLB Cheerleaders

Oh, the puns just keep on coming. The Ray Team. Like, the A-Team? Yeah, that’s a good one. Anyway, the Rays have a pretty decent cheer squad going on. It’s a shame that pretty much nothing will convince the people of Tampa to pay money to watch baseball.


9. The Angels Strike Force

9 2013 Los Angeles Angles Strike Force - MLB Cheerleaders

The Angels obviously have a penchant for names that don’t make much sense. I mean, we’re talking about a team that is located in Anaheim, which is 26 miles away from Los Angeles, but they call themselves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim—like anyone in L.A. actually buys that.

As for the “Strike Force,” yeah, I get the idea that baseball has strikes, and that a “strike force” is a military thing that sounds cool. But what does a military strike force have to do with baseball? I could see this name making sense if the team had some kind of military connection, but they’re the freaking Angels.

To me, angels and guns are a weird combination.


8. San Diego Padres Pad Squad

8 2012 San Diego Pad Squad - MLB Cheerleaders

Now hear’s a great name for a cheerleading squad, one that has multiple levels. First, of course, is the obvious: Pad and Squad rhyme. That’s cute. However, going a bit deeper, we must remember that the Padres name of course references priests, hence their nickname, the Friars. And “Pad Squad” sounds like “God Squad”—which I find amusing.


7. The Kansas City Royals KCrew

7 2013 Kansas City Royals KCrew - MLB Cheerleaders

The Royals have one of the largest cheerleading squads in Major League Baseball. The reason for this, if I had to guess? The larger the group, the better the chances that you’ll have at least a couple of really hot cheerleaders. It’s just statistics.


6. Cincinnati Reds Rally Pack

6 2013 Cincinnati Reds Rally Pack - MLB Cheerleaders

A lot of cheerleading squads in MLB have men on the team to prove that it’s not all about putting hot women out there for fans to ogle. However, the Reds take that idea to another level by having more men than women. Of course, the women they have are very pretty, so they obviously didn’t want to ditch tradition altogether.


5. Arizona Rally-Backs

5 2013 Rally-Backs (Arizona Diamond Backs) - MLB Cheerleaders

Like the Reds, the Diamondbacks cheer squad has “rally” in its name. Unlike the Reds, however, the D-Backs went with a more traditional (in pro sports, at least) all-female crew. And really, with all the gorgeous women in Arizona to choose from, can you blame them?


4. Detroit Tigers Energy Squad

4 2013 Detroit Tigers Energy Squad - MLB Cheerleaders

The city of Detroit doesn’t have a lot going for it these days. However, at least they can say their baseball team has the best hitter on the planet and one of baseball’s best cheerleading squads.

Oh, and they also have Little Caesars.


3. Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Team

3 2013 Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Team - MLB Cheerleaders

You’d expect the Braves to put together a pretty great looking squad of Georgia Peaches…and they have. I was actually pretty surprised after conducting my scientific research that this squad didn’t take the top spot.


2. St. Louis Cardinals Team Fredbird

2 2012 St. Louis Cardinals Team Fredbird - MLB Cheerleaders

The Cardinals cheerleading squad is named after the team’s mascot, Fredbird the Redbird, which I find vaguely unsettling. Nevertheless, you simply cannot deny the fact that this is one of the all-around best-looking cheerleading squads in any sport.

Seriously, find a squad that, member-for-member, is better looking than this one. Please.


1. Milwaukee Brewers Diamond Dancers

1 2013 Milwaukee Brewers Diamond Dancers - MLB Cheerleaders

Coming in at number one are the Milwaukee Brewers Diamond Dancers. So what makes them the cream of the crop?

Well, to be honest, it is partly due to the fact that I simply did not expect such a fine looking bunch of dancers to be found in the land of cheese and sausage. However, it has more to do with the fact that this is the most talented cheerleading squad (that I know of) in MLB. I mean, they actually do something other than walk around throwing balled up t-shirt. They dance. And judging by this amazing picture, they’re good at dancing.

So congrats, Diamond Dancers. You are MLB’s best cheerleading squad.