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25 Insane Tour de France Fans

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 12, 2013

Tour de France Fans

Chances are, if you live in North America, you probably haven’t paid all that much attention to the Tour de France since Lance Armstrong retired. However, you should. Even if everyone who’s ever won the race is a cheater, this is still one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. And, much like the Kentucky Derby or the Daytona 500, the fans that line the routes of the TDF really know how to party. 

To prove it, we present you this list. It may not make you any more interested in the actual sport of cycling, but it will make you wish you were there nonetheless. So take a look.


25. Aussie Speedo Guys

25 australians in yellow speedos - crazy tour de france fans

I wouldn’t have thought wearing tiny yellow speedos would be an effective way to motivate a cyclist while he’s riding up the side of a mountain. But I guess these dudes know something about cycling that I don’t.


24. Mr. Gorilla

24 ape suit - crazy tour de france fans

I’m going to assume that this guy is giving bananas to riders so they can replenish their potassium and that the ape suit is just for fun.


23. Beach Party

23 crazy tour de france fans in snorkel gear

Looks like these folks were just hanging out on the beach down there when they looked up and saw some bike race going by. I wonder if they even knew it was the Tour de France.


22. American Patriots

22 usa fans - crazy tour de france fans



21. Chicken Dude

21 chicken man crazy tour de france fans

Nothing will get you moving up a hill faster than a crazy man in a chicken suit chasing after you.


20. Shirtless Corsican

20 shirtless crazy tour de france fans

The 2012 Tour de France started out on the French island of Corsica, whose flag here is being help up by this attractive couple. (Apparently, in Corsica, the TDF attracts the same types of people NASCAR attracts in Florida.)


19. Pesky Surgeon

19 surgeon costume - crazy tour de france fans

This surgeon is trying to give Alberto Contador a little checkup. Unfortunately, he wound up getting punched in the face.


18. Pinky and the Banana

18 crazy tour de france fans in banana suit

Does this guy like cycling? No, he’s bananas for it.


17. Half Naked Dutch Chicks

17 chicks in underwear - crazy tour de france fans

You gotta be careful if you’re planning to wear underwear to the Tour de France. You don’t want to distract your favorite rider and throw him off his game.


16. Nuns

16 crazy tour de france fans - nuns

Also, you don’t want to be standing around half-naked next to a bunch of nuns. It will make you pretty uncomfortable.


15. Half Naked Norwegian Chicks


Or, whatever, just wear your underwear. It’s cool.


14. Cavemen

14 cavemen - - crazy tour de france fans

Just a bunch of cavemen jumping around in a field. Nothing to see here.


13. Batman and Robin

13 batman and robin crazy tour de france fans

Who knew Batman and the Boy Wonder were such huge cycling fans? Gotham is a long way from central France.


12. Batman and Chicken

12 batman and chicken crazy tour de france fans

And here we see Batman has apparently replaced longtime sidekick Robin with a the more comical Chicken Man. Excellent decision.


11. Antler Boy and Captain America

11 antler guy - crazy tour de france fans

On the right you have a frat bro wearing the American flag as a cape. On the left a dude with antlers on a football helmet. (How do you get a giant set of antlers through customs, anyway?)


10. Texas Longhorn

10 texas long horn - crazy tour de france fans

Speaking of things that would be very difficult to get through customs…this guy.


9. Pantsless Santas

9 santa clause guys - crazy tour de france fans

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my Santas to wear pants at all times. I’m old school like that.


8. Satan

8 devil guy - crazy tour de france fans

Actually, I don’t think that’s a costume. I think this really is the Prince of Darkness.


7. Horrible Chicken Pox?


No, these guys do not have the worst ever case of chicken pox. They’re just big fans of team Carrefour, whose cyclists wear red polka-dotted jerseys and hats.


6. Cross Dressing Cosplay

6 dude in a bikini and guy dressed as smurphette - crazy tour de france fans

To answer the question you’re thinking in your head right now, yes, it is messed up to be turned on by a dude dressed up as Smurfette.


5. Mounties

5 canadian mounties - crazy tour de france fans

It’s nice to see the Mounties are out supporting Canadian cyclists, but I think France is a little out of their jurisdiction.


4. Spinning Team

4 crazy tour de france fans on stationary bikes

Now this one took a lot of planning. You don’t just wake up one morning and say, hey, lets get a bunch of dudes and a bunch of stationary bikes and go on down to the Tour de France and have some fun. No. This kind of thing takes at least…what, two days to put together?


3. Swiss Borats


That’s an awful lot of man-cleavage for a country that best known for always wanting to remain neutral.


2. Enthusiastic Streaker

2 streaker - crazy tour de france fans

Sure, this dude is extremely naked. But you’d have to think the cyclist really appreciates that enthusiastic encouragement.


1. Flasher

1 flasher - crazy tour de france fans

E voila. What better way to finish the list than with some bare female breasts…with little TPS logos? Obviously, these two lovebirds are big cycling fans.