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15 Hottest MLB All-Star WAGs of 2013

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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MLB All-Star WAGS 2013

Well, the 2013 MLB All-Star Game is over, and we’ve covered the event from a number of angles this year. We’ve talked about the Home Run Derby and the supposed derby curse. We’ve talked about the changes MLB could make to ensure the ASG remains the best such event in pro sports. And we’ve even talked about that kid who ran out onto the field during the game because Twitter dared him to.

One important thing we haven’t covered yet, however? The All-Star WAGs. The confluence of these really attractive female companions of baseball’s biggest stars is one of the best things about the Midsummer Classic, and we would be remiss not to do a best-of list.

So, well, here you go: the hottest WAGs of the 2013 MLB All-Stars. Enjoy!


15. Kelli Pedroia (Wife of Dustin Pedroia)

15 dustin pedroia wife kelli

Am I crazy, or does Dustin Pedroia’s wife Kelli look a little bit like the wife of another very famous and popular Boston athlete?

(I’m talking about Tom Brady and wife Gisele, in case I am crazy and you didn’t notice the resemblance.)


14. Yainee Alonso (Fiancée of Manny Machado)

14 Manny Machado fiance Yainee Alonso

Baltimore Orioles rookie sensation Manny Machado is best buds with Yonder Alonso of the San Diego Padres, and apparently Yonder set Manny up with his little sister Yainee, because she’s now engaged to Machado.

So to recap, that’s Manny, Yonder, and Yainee.



13. Neisha Croyle (Partner of Jose Bautista)

13 jose bautista baby momma neisha croyle

Neisha Croyle isn’t married to Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista. She’s his partner, and the mother of his two children. So in other words, she’s a classier version of a baby mama…and also very pretty.


12. Connie Cabrera (Wife of Everth Cabrera)

12 everth cabrera wife connie cabrera

Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera and his wife Connie have had some rough times in the past (both were arrested for domestic violence in 2011, and Connie was charged with assault and criminal damage). Let’s hope the couple is doing better now.


11. Danyll Gammon (Wife of Troy Tulowitzki)

11 troy tulowitzki wife danyll gammon

Who would have thought a guy with such a ridiculous mullet could get such a great-looking wife? (Seriously, have you seen Tulo’s mullet? It’s quite remarkable.)

On a side note, I have no idea how you pronounce this woman’s name. Is it Danill? Or Danielle, maybe? I don’t know.


10. Adrienne Acton (Fiancée of J.J. Hardy)

adrienne acton j.j. hardy fiance

J.J. Hardy apparently has quite the party animal reputation, so on the one hand, it’s surprising to hear he’s settling down. Then again, he is 30 years old, so maybe he’s got it out of his system. Plus, he probably realized he’s not going to find many people more attractive than Ms. Acton here.


9. Jessica Cox (Girlfriend of Mike Trout)

9 mike trout girlfriend jessica cox

Baseball’s golden boy, Mike Trout, is still just 21 years old, so I wouldn’t expect him to settle down any time soon. However, if he does wind up with Jessica Cox, he certainly won’t regret his decision from a shallow, appearance-first standpoint, because she’s pretty darn hot.


8. Lindsay Clubine (Wife of Clay Bucholz)

8 Clay Bucholz wife Lindsay Clubine

The wife of Red Sox ace Clay Bucholz is some sort of actress/model. Or maybe she’s a model/actress. I don’t know. What I do know is that she used to be one of the briefcase girls on Deal or No Deal, and she looks pretty great in a bikini.


7. Maria Hanslovan (Girlfriend of Andrew McCutchen)

7 andrew mccutchen girlfriend maria hanslover

I have no idea what the girlfriend of Pirates superstar (been a long time since anyone used that phrase) Andrew McCutchen does for a living. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s also one of those model/actresses, but who knows. All she says on her Twitter page is that she’s “a follower of God,” which to the best of my knowledge is not a real job. Unless she’s a nun. But I don’t think so.


6. Keli Murphy (Wife of Pedro Alvarez)

6 pedro alvarez wife kelli

Two Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star WAGs in a row? What is going on here? The whole world is upside down!

Okay, that’s my “OMG the Pirates don’t suck any more” hyperbole. Let’s talk seriously about Pedro Alvarez’s wife, Keli, for a moment. She’s gorgeous, no?


5. Brianne Sale (Wife of Chris Sale)

5 chris sale wife brianne aron sale

Not many people had heard of White Sox pitcher Chris Sale before last year, when he won 17 games, posted a 3.05 ERA, and made the All-Star team. Now the guy is a two-time All-Star and an established pitching star, and he has the hot wife to prove it.


4. Jill Davis (Wife of Chris Davis)

4 chris davis wife jill meyer

A lot of people looked at the MLB stats leaders in May, saw the home run column, and said “who the hell is Chris Davis?” You know who always believed in him, though? Yeah, his hot wife Jillian. They got married back in 2011, after Davis got dumped by the Rangers because they didn’t think he was going to be the big star that they had hoped.


3. Mackenzie Carpenter (Wife of Matt Carpenter)

3 matt carpenter wife mackenzie

If you live outside the midwest, when the All-Star rosters were announced you were probably thinking, “Matt Who?” Well, it turns out that this 27-year-old is one hell of a hitter with a really attractive wife named Mackenzie. Like many of the women on this list, it’s not clear what Mackenzie does, but according to her Twitter bio, she’s a huge fan of two dudes: Jesus Chris, and her husband. So that’s nice.


2. Molly Beers (Fiancée of David Wright)

2 david wright fiance molly beers (model)

Being one of the biggest sports celebrities in New York definitely has it’s perks, and one of them is getting the opportunity to date hot fashion models. Just look at David Wright, who is engaged to model Molly Beers.

Of course, David Wright isn’t the only show in Queens these days. There’s a new guy in town, and he is taking over…

1. Anne Vyalitsyna (Girlfriend of Matt Harvey)

1 matt harvey girlfriend ann v

Yep, Mets rookie pitcher Matt Harvey, one of the biggest stories in baseball in 2013, is dating Victoria’s Secret Angel Anne V. I mean, I know the guy is good looking and whatnot, but he’s a rookie. Don’t players have to pay their dues anymore and date, like, cocktail waitresses before moving on to Victoria’s Secret Angels?

Man, Matt Harvey is one lucky dude.