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17 GIFs of Fans Running onto the Field

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 18, 2013

fans running on field streaker gifs

We’re not supposed to like it when fans run onto the field and interrupt sporting events. We’re supposed to be perturbed and indignant and call these people “idiots” and “morons.” But the fact is, we (i.e., the majority) do seem to like it. Sporting events aren’t sacred religious ceremonies. They’re, uh, sporting events. And of all the fan field invasions I’ve written about or witnessed in person over the years—and I’ve written about and/or seen a lot—not once have seen a negative reaction from the crowd. On the contrary, the crowd always cheers. So maybe you think I’m crazy, and that most people don’t secretly enjoy fan field invasions. But thousands of people who actually witness these things in person beg to differ.

So why do I bring all this up? Because today I present you with this list of GIFs featuring fans running onto the field. Go ahead and criticize me for glorifying these idiots if you want. But nothing I do here on the internet can encourage these people more than the cheers they receive from 30,000 fans in the stadium.

If, on the other hand, you don’t take everything so seriously, go ahead and enjoy you guilty pleasure. It’ll be our little secret.


17. Stupider than Most

miami fsu fan runs through middle of play - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Are field intruders stupid? Sure they are. And this guy is actually stupider than most. He didn’t just run onto the field; he ran right out through the middle of the play. The dude could have been killed if he’d been hit by the helmet of a 225 pound football player.


16. Blue Jays Sprinter

blue jays fan on field - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Here’s a nice bird’s eye view. For a second there you think this guy might just elude security and make it all the way to the left field wall. However, I guess he ran out of gas.


15. The 110-Yard Dash

streaker runs length of football field - fan interruption and streaker gifs

This field invader at the Hyundai Sun Bowl makes the most of his illegal action by going endzone to endzone, and he was smart enough to go in-between plays. Plus he breaks a tackle—look closely and you’ll see one of the USC players stick out a foot and try to trip the guy.


14. Mr. Man Boobs

Male streaker with fake boobs invades soccer pitch

Do they make breast implants for men? If so, I think this streaker from a Brazilian soccer game might have them.

13. Tackled by the Khaki Police

soccer fan tackled - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Did you notice how the guy getting tackled and the guys chasing after him are all wearing the same thing—khaki pants and white polo shirts? It kind of seems like the guy running onto the field is part of the stadium staff, and he just lost his mind or something, doesn’t it?


12. Goal Tackle

mexican soccer fan tackled in goal by another fan - fan interruption and streaker gifs

It took this stadium worker a little while to catch up to the caped bandit, but once he did he made it count. That’s a pretty hard tackle.


11. The KC Rosin Thief

royals fan steals rosin bag - fan interruption and streaker gifs

This one just happened earlier this season. A Kansas City Royals fans, bored to death from years of terrible Kansas City Royals baseball, decided to liven things up by getting a pretty unique souvenir—the rosin bag from the pitchers mound.


10. Mr. Friendly

ecuador germany streaker - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Judging by his colorful wrist bands, this guy is obviously an Ecuador fan. However, he has the utmost respect for Team Germany, so he goes and shakes hands with them, too.

That’s true sportsmanship right there.


9. Elusive Green Man

green man streaking - fan interruption and streaker gifs

I guess when you’re wearing a full-body spandex leotard there’s just not much for those grounds crew guys to grab onto. Of course, this dude is pretty fast, and he does have an accomplice out there in center field. But all-in-all this is a pretty memorable escape.


8. Shirtless Floridian

streaker taken down in end zone - fan interruption and streaker gifs

A shirtless guy at a football game in Florida, acting like an idiot? I’m shocked.

Seriously, though, this is one of the least ambitious field intruders I’ve ever seen. Kurt Warner could break tackles better than that, and he could barely move.


7. Naked Goal

africa cup of nations streaker - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Ahh, he fell right into their trap.


6. Saefco Streaker

saefco field streaker - fan interruption and streaker gifs

I guess this guy was just happy he made it to second base, so he didn’t want to get greedy and try making it to third, which was very sensible. You never want to make the first out of an inning at third base.


5. All-Star Tweeter

2013 mlb all-star game fan on field - fan interruption and streaker gifs

You just have to love the takedown of the All-Star tweetin’ field invader. The kid basically comes to a full stop and looks fully prepared to hand himself over to the authorities, but the first guy on the scene looks like he’d been training for this moment his whole life, and he wasn’t about to let the kid off without a bone-crushing body slam.


4. Faux Ref

fake ref - fan interruption and streaker gifs

None of the players even notice this guy because he’s wearing a clever disguise. The refs do, though, and the one in the white hat points very passionately for him to leave the field. Cause yeah, that’ll teach him.


3. The Flash

the flash streaks at oriole park - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Apparently the Flash is a Baltimore Orioles fan.


2. The Chicken Tackle

chicken tackles streaker - fan interruption and streaker gifs

Just a nekkid dude getting tackled by a guy in a chicken suit at a New Zealand rugby game. No big deal.


1. The College World Series Girls

college world series chick runs on field - fan interruption and streaker gifs

MLB’s All-Star interruption wasn’t the first one that was premeditated on Twitter. During the final game of the 2013 College World Series, a girl from Omaha named Kayleigh Hill tweeted, “If everyone chips in to the $1500 fine between me Emily and torrie, we will run on the field. Guys I actually really wanna.”

Sure enough, Kayleigh, Emily, and Torrie did run onto the field. And Kayliegh documented the whole thing on Vine. Sadly, that video was deleted shortly thereafter—but one of the most epic selfies of all-time lives on as an animated GIF.