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The 21 Most Gorgeous Women to Walk the 2013 ESPY Awards Red Carpet

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 19, 2013

hottest women on the 2013 ESPYs red carpet

The 2013 ESPY Awards were held on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. As usual the spectacle brought out an eclectic mix of celebrities and athletes—and of course a lot of really beautiful women. Some were athletes themselves, while others were athletes’ wives and girlfriends, famous and not-so-famous. Point is, they were all looking like a million bucks, and today we’ve chosen the 21 top lookers for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday!


21. Savanah Brinson

21 lebron james wife - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Say what you want about LeBron James, but you have to respect the guy for staying with his high school sweetheart (and the mother of his children) all these years. Don’t get me wrong, Savanah is beautiful, but we all know that doesn’t help some basketball players (Tony Parker) keep it in their pants.


20. Lolo Jones

20 Lolo Jones - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Normally I’d probably rank the lovely Lolo Jones higher on a list of “most beautiful” whatevers, but I think on this occasion her natural beauty was hindered a bit by that Egyptian bumble bee dress.


19. Malin Akerman

19 Malin Akerman - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

If I didn’t know for a fact that she was in Scotland with Tiger Woods, I would have sworn that Malin Akerman here was Lindsay Vonn.


18. Danica Patrick

18 Danica Patrick - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Here’s Danica Patrick with her boyfriend/NASCAR opponent Ricky Stenhouse, Jr, looking good as always.


17. Kaya Jones

17 Kaya Jones - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Who is Kaya Jones, you ask? Well, I didn’t know either, so I looked her up on Wikipedia and discovered she is a former member of the Pussycat Dolls. No idea why she was at the ESPYs, though. Maybe she’s on the market for a new boyfriend or something.


16. Garcelle Beauvais

16 Garcelle Beauvais - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Actress Garcelle Beauvais is 46 years old. I am not kidding. Four-six.

Way to go, Garcelle Beauvais.


15. Jennie Finch

15 Jennie Finch - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Jennie Finch may be retired from the world of competitive softball, and her husband Casey Daigle may sometimes dress like a used car salesman, but she still gets invites to the ESPYs every year…cause she’s still really hot.


14. Selena Gomez

14 Selena Gomez - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

It’s a good thing the lovely Selena Gomez didn’t bring her douche-hat boyfriend to the ESPYs, or she would have been disqualified by association.


13. Gabrielle Union

13 Gabrielle Union - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

I’m not even sure if it’s physically possible for Gabrielle Union to look anything other than gorgeous. Dwyane Wade, ya done good.


12. Ashton Meem

12 Ashton Meem with Russell Wilson - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

What’s with the NFL’s young stud QBs getting married so early? RGIII got married a couple weeks ago, and the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson here married his lovely wife, Ashton Meem, back in January of 2012.

Actually, the more I think about it, it makes sense. When you’re with a woman who is this beautiful, you lock her up with a lifetime contract.


11. Olivia Wilde


Jason Sudeikis has credited his recent weight loss to lots and lots of “Kenyan marathon runner” sex* with fiancée Olivia Wilde, which makes all kinds of sense.

*That’s actually how Olivia Wilde described it. No joke.


10. Maria Sharapova

10 Maria Sharapova - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

You can always count on Maria Sharapova to light up a room…or a tennis court…or a red carpet.


9. Marisa Miller

9 Marisa Miller - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Not even terrible lighting can obscure the hotness of Marisa Miller. It’s kind of hard to believe she’s married to this guy. (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just in between stylists when the photo was taken.)


8. Syd Wilder

8 Syd Wilder - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

She played an angel in This Is the End, but before that actress Syd Wilder was “best known” (according to IMDB) for her roles in Piranhaconda and Super Shark, which sound like pretty amazing films.


7. Chrissy Teigen

7 Chrissy Teigen - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

This is the worst photo I’ve seen of SI Swimsuit siren Chrissy Teigen in a long time, and yet she still comes in at number eight. That tells you something, doesn’t it?


6. Morgan Beck

6 Morgan Beck and Bode Miller - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Clearly Bode Miller’s wife, Morgan Beck, is 100% healed after that nasty golf course mishap back in December.

5. Win McMurry

5 Win McMurry and Michael Phelps - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Michael Phelps decided to use the ESPYs red carpet to reveal to the world that he is dating superhot Golf Channel reporter/model Win McMurry. (You’re going to be watching a lot more Golf Channel now, aren’t you?)


4. Katherine Webb

4 katherine webb - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Katherine Webb became a celebrity when Brent Musberger basically was all like “hubba hubba wahOOOOga!” on air during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game in January. After that, I heard a lot of people saying stuff like, awe come on, she’s not that hot…but of course that is ridiculous. Of course she is that hot.


3. Candace Williams

3 Candace Williams and Terrell Suggs - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

When I saw this photo I thought, well, I guess Terrell Suggs split from his wife Candace Williams. But according to, like everyone, this is indeed his wife Candace Williams. She’s just got a new haircut, and I’m not ruling out a little plastic surgery, too.


2. Cheryl Burke

2 Cheryl Burke - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Cheryl Burke is one of the pros on Dancing with the Stars. She is so gorgeous that I really wish I could tolerate that show. But I can’t—not even to watch her.


1. Katie Cleary

1 Katie Cleary - hottest women 2013 espys red carpet

Katie Cleary is an actress still waiting for that big, breakthrough roll.

I don’t know about you, but I really hope she gets it. Like, soon.