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35 Female Athletes Rocking Bikinis

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, July 24, 2013

female athletes in bikinis

Nothing says summer like bikinis, and nobody looks better in bikinis than professional female athletes. Wait, that’s not true. Bikini models look better in bikinis than professional female athletes. But of course, some professional female athletes are bikini models. So does that make bikini models professional female athletes?

Now I’m confused. Point is, it’s summer, and you like both sports and bikinis, so here you go: 35 female athletes rocking bikinis.




35. Lindsey Vonn

35 lindsey vonn - female athletes in bikinis

Tiger Woods’s special lady friend is not unattractive. Unfortunately, she’s not exactly his good luck charm, either. Tiger still hasn’t been able to get his paws on that elusive 15th major championship.


34. Kristi Leskinen

34 krisi leskinen - female athletes in bikinis

How about two skiers in a row to kick off our list? Of course, Kristi here (born and raised in Uniontown, PA) is a freestyle skier while Vonn is obviously the world’s greatest female downhill skier. But hey, they both make a living sliding around on snow.


33. Jennifer Barretta

jennifer baretta bikini

I’m sure there’s a joke to be made here about Jennifer Barretta, cues, and balls, but I’m just going to leave that to you.


32. Lauryn Eagle

32 Lauryn Eagle - female athletes in bikinis

Australia’s Lauryn Eagle is both a water skiing champion and a professional boxer…as well as a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice Australia. So that’s neat.


31. Anni Friesinger-Postma

31 anni friesinger - female athletes in bikinis

Straight from Wikipedia:

Friesinger has done some modeling work as a sideline, and she has appeared as a swimsuit model in several publications and in less than that in the wide-circulation German magazine Stern. She is also known for her particularly powerful thighs, as befits a champion speed skater. 

Yep. Known for your particularly powerful thighs. Got it.

(Sorry, this is the best photo I could find. But you get the idea.)

30. Luciana Aymar

30 luciana aymar - female athletes in bikinis

Argentine field hockey player Luciana Aymar doesn’t just have a killer bikini bod. She’s also considered one of the greatest field hockey players of all-time.


29. Melanie Adams

29 melanie adams - female athletes in bikinis

Australian pole vaulter Melanie Adams is just one of many gorgeous pole vaulters. Again, I’m sure there’s some sort of off-color joke to be made here, but I’ll leave that to you.


28. Marta Menegatti


At first I wasn’t going to include any beach volleyball players on this list since they play their sport in bikinis, which kind of seems like cheating (Cheating what? I don’t know. Some imaginary set of rules in my head). However, when I realized that, by the same logic, I would also have to exclude surfers from the list, I was like, nah, to hell with that. So here you go: Italy’s Marta Menegatti.


27. Maria Kirilenko

27 maria kirilenko - female athletes in bikinis

Here’s the fiancée of your 2013 NHL MVP, Alex Ovechkin. (And in case you didn’t know, she’s the No. 12 tennis player in the world right now.)


26. Lacy Schnoor

26 lacy schnoor - female athletes in bikinis

How ironic that skiers have such excellent bikini bodies, but must spend so much time with those bodies covered under so many layers of clothes?


25. Ana Ivanovich

25 ana ivanovic - female athletes in bikinis

Speaking of hot tennis players…Ana Ivanovic everyone, together with her ex-boyfriend, golfer Adam Scott.


24. Elsa Baquerizo & Liliana Fernandez

24 elsa baquerizo & liliana fernandez - female athletes in bikinis

Again, I almost decided to exclude beach volleyball players. Obviously, that would have been the wrong decision.


23. Amanda Kurtovic

23 amanda kurtovic - female athletes in bikinis

Guess what? Now you’ve heard of at least one Norwegian team handball player!


22. Alex Morgan

22 alex morgan - female athletes in bikinis

I’m 6’2″ and Alex Morgan is 5’8″, but I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass. The woman has one of the fittest bodies in sports—though she didn’t quite make the cut for our list.


21. Miesha Tate

21 Miesha Tate bikini - female athletes in bikinis

And speaking of women who could kick my ass, here is the UFC’s Miesha Tate taking a selfie.


20. Niki Gudex

20 niki gudex - female athletes in bikinis

Australia’s Niki Gudex is one of the hottest female professional cyclists in the world according to one very reliable source.


19. Shanelle Loraine

19 shanelle loraine - female athletes in bikinis

Here’s yet another incredibly attractive professional billiards player.

I don’t know if billiards is really a sport, but it’s on ESPN, so I say it counts.


18. Michelle Waterson

18 michelle waterson - female athletes in bikinis

If your nickname is “the Karate Hottie,” that probably means you look good in a bikini, right?


17. Leryn Franco

17 leryn franco - female athletes in bikinis

At #17 we have everyone’s favorite Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower.


16. Gina Carano

16 gina carano - female athletes in bikinis

I’m not sure if that bathing suit technically counts as a bikini, but I’m going to just go ahead and bend the rules here for Gina Carano.


15. Malia Jones

15 malia jones - female athletes in bikinis

Can someone please explain why female pro surfing is not on TV every day?


14. Ronda Rousey

14 Ronda-Rousey-bikini - female athletes in bikinis

UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey has a pretty okay body.


13. Casey Eastham

13 casey eastham - female athletes in bikinis

Casey Eastham is now your favorite Australian field hockey player. FYI.


12. Maria Sharapova

12 maria sharapova - female athletes in bikinis

Maria Sharapova is arguably the greatest hot athlete of all-time in terms of success on the tennis court.


11. Anastasia Ashley

11 anastasia ashley - female athletes in bikinis

I’ll ask again, why isn’t surfing on TV everyday? In fact, why isn’t there a 24-hour surfing channel?


10. Ellen Hoog & Eva de Goede

10 ellen hoog & eva de goede - female athletes in bikinis

Just a couple of Dutch field hockey players. Nothing to see here. Move along.


9. Lokelani McMichael

9 lokelani mcmichael - female athletes in bikinis

Lokelani is a triathlete. As you’ve probably guessed, she’s from Hawaii, and she’s also a model.


8. Clair Bidez

8 clair bidez - female athletes in bikinis

Is that what all female snowboarders are wearing underneath their baggy snowboarding clothes?


7. Kyra Gracie

7 kyra gracie (mma) - female athletes in bikinis

In Brazil, even the jiu-jitsu champions are incredibly hot.


6. Kim Glass

6 kim glass - female athletes in bikinis

Could you even imagine if Kim Glass played beach volleyball instead of regular old indoor volleyball?


5. Anna Kournikova

5 anna kournikova - female athletes in bikinis

She’s not really an athlete anymore, but she still counts.


4. Antonija Misura

4 antonija misura - female athletes in bikinis

Croatian basketball player Antonija Misura is the sixth greatest thing to ever happen since sliced bread. It’s a fact. You can look it up.


3. Jaqueline Carvalho

3 jaqueline carvalho - female athletes in bikinis

Brazilian volleyball player Jaqueline Carvalho is only wearing half a bikini here, but I make the rules and I say that qualifies her for this list.


2. Niki Ghazian

2 niki ghazian - female athletes in bikinis

Technically, Niki Ghazanian, the self-proclaimed “Persian Barbie,” isn’t an athlete anymore. The former LFL player player has decided to hang up her lingerie and just focus all her time on being a professional hot chick…or a lawyer, because according to her Twitter page she is that, too.



1. Alana Blanchard

1 alana blanchard - female athletes in bikinis

Alana Blanchard wins the internet for today, folks. Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you again tomorrow!