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31 Animated GIFs of Bone Crushing Rugby Hits

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 25, 2013
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rugby hit tackle gifs

There are so many different sports out there that are worthy of my attention, and I just don’t have time to follow them all. So because I live in North America, where gridiron football is king, that’s the version I pay the most attention to. However, I’m pretty sure that, if I lived in one of the parts of the world where rugby is the predominant form of football, I would be a huge rugby fan. As far as I can tell, the only thing not to like about the sport is the lack of the forward pass, and I think the lack of pads and almost superhuman toughness of the players would more than make up for that.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at these GIFs of bone crushing rugby hits, tackles, and other displays of brute force. You won’t regret it.


31. Who's Tackling Who?

high rugby hit gif

Um, yeah, get the f#@$ out of my way.


30. Real Men Wear Pink

huge rugby tackle

When you hit this hard, you can wear whatever color you want. Hell, you can wear a dress if that floats your boat.


29. Brutality

rugby tackle gif

This dude got knocked into the next decade. He’s gonna wake up and ask, is Obama still president? And we’re gonna be like, no, dude, Jeb Bush is.


28. Amateur Player, Pro Force

rubgy player bulldozes opponent

This is just simple physics, really. There’s not way poor #12 was going to stop this beast.


27. Upended

body slam tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

Yeah, you’re not allowed to do that. But of course, rugby players do lots of things you’re not allowed to do.


26. Upended Again

pick up throw down tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

Yep, it’s still not allowed. This kind of stuff gets dudes suspended.


25. Mack Truck

rugby owned

You don’t have to be a giant to deliver a devastating hit.


24. Unnecessary Awesomeness

blind sided - rugby tackle hit gifs

Sure, he didn’t have the ball, but why not give him a good blow just to let him know you’re there.


23. Mascot Tackle

chicken tackles rugby streaker - rugby tackle hit gifs

Even the rugby mascots are badasses.


22. Fair Catch, Shmair Catch

new zealand australia tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

Apparently this hit is legal. You can’t tackle a defensive player who is jumping to catch a ball kicked by the offensive team, but you can hit him if both feet are on the ground.


21. More Illegal Tactics

punch to the ear - rugby tackle hit gifs

Nope, not allowed to punch guys in the side of the head.


20. Pickup Artist

pick up tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

That’s one way to do it.


19. The After Party

punch him while he's down - rugby tackle hit gifs

As tough as rugby is, you’re still not allowed to punch and knee your opponent when he’s lying motionless on the ground.


18. Referee Tackle

ref gets tackled - rugby tackle hit gifs

Sometimes the ref is just at the wrong place at the wrong time.


17. Flying Knee to the Chest

flying kick tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

Okay, so this is actually Australian Football, not rugby. But the two sports are pretty damn close, this hit is absolutely vicious, and I made the list. So it’s in.


16. Body Slam

body slam tackle 2 - rugby tackle hit gifs

It’s not just the pros who get a little overzealous when making tackles.


15. Like a Tank

bulldozer hit - rugby tackle hit gifs

The guy with the ball is an absolute tank. The guy trying to stop him just gets run right over.


14. Still No Fair Catches

no fair catches in rugby - rugby tackle hit gifs

Like I said earlier, the only time you get a fair catch is if you’ve leapt into the air. Otherwise, you’re always fair game.


13. Dangerous Upender

flipped upside down 2 - rugby tackle hit gifs

Okay, this one is too much. This kind of thing can break a guy’s neck


12. Over the Top

flipped upside down - rugby tackle hit gifs

The best thing about this one is how easy the dude doing the tackling makes it look. He’s like, ho hum, just throwing a grown man over my head, no big deal.


11. Crunch

epic amateur rugby hit - rugby tackle hit gifs

GIFs don’t have sound, but I think I heard a crunch anyway.


10. Dangerous Pass

rugby player obliterated - rugby tackle hit gifs

Don’t make passes like this. It’ll get your teammates killed. Like, for real.


9. Aussie Head Shot

rugby headshot - rugby tackle hit gifs

Here’s another one that’s actually Aussie football, not rugby. So sue me.


8. Cleat to the Chest

flying kick tackle 2 - rugby tackle hit gifs

The dude in yellow definitely had a shot at the ball, but you can’t lead with your cleats like that.


7. Hit by a Bus

unstoppable rugby beast - rugby tackle hit gifs

You have to admire the little guy’s effort. He had to know the only thing he could do to this guy is slow him down for a second, but he sacrificed himself for the team.


6. Celebratory Head Butt

head bonk - rugby tackle hit gifs

Sometimes the guys just get a little too worked up. That’s when stuff like this happens.


5. Referee Down

ref knocked out 2 - rugby tackle hit gifs

Taking a knee to the side of the head at full speed probably doesn’t feel so great. Just guessing, though. Never happened to me.


4. Dead in His Tracks

crushing rugby hit - rugby tackle hit gifs

Where do you think you’re going? Yeah, nowhere, that’s right.


3. Sudden Impact

big rugby tackle - rugby tackle hit gifs

I could watch this one all day.


2. Sitting Duck

rugby receiver gets pounded - rugby tackle hit gifs

One more time: there are no fair catches in rugby when your feet are on the ground.


1. High School Rugby

new zealand high school rugby hit - rugby tackle hit gifs

The most amazing rugby tackle GIF? It comes from a high school rugby match in New Zealand.

Just epic.