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33 Sexy Workout GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 1, 2013
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sexy workout gifs

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the internet, he envisioned a world in which communication and information would flow freely back and forth across the globe, enlightening and unifying humanity as never before. What we got was digital piracy, grumpy cat, and animated GIFs of attractive women working out—so, you know, pretty close.

Now, since digital piracy is wrong, and since you’re probably not all that interested in pics of LOLcats, today we’re going to be looking at some GIFs of attractive women working out. Let’s call it a “TGIT” list—thank God it’s Thursday.




33. Foxy (Kick)Boxking

hot kickboxer gif - sexy workout gifs

Please excuse me while I go join a kickboxing gym.


32. Saved by the Bell Workout

kelly kapowski workout - sexy workout gifs

How did I not know this amazing celebrity workout tape existed?


31. Beach Jumping

beach jumping workoug - sexy workout gifs

Fact: jumping on the beach in a bikini produces 345% better results than jumping elsewhere.


30. Beach Lunging

beach workout - sexy workout gifs

Ditto what I just said about jumping on the beach in bikinis for doing lunges on the beach in underwear.


29. Aerobic Toe Pointing

boat pose toe touches - sexy workout gifs

Yeah, that will get you ready for the beach in no time.


28. Chestercizing

chest pump workout - sexy workout gifs

Ah yes, the old Pump-O-Matic 300. My favorite workout machine ever. Almost.


27. At the Gym

eliptical machine - sexy workout gifs

Just using the treadmill, no big deal.


26. Dancercise with Gina

gina carano dance - sexy workout gifs

The secret to Gina Carano’s amazing body: the happy dance.


25. House Bunny Workout

house bunny gif - sexy workout gifs

This fictional Playboy Playmate workout from The House Bunny is pretty much what the actual Playboy Bunny workouts are like.


24. Sexy Jumproping

jumproping gif - sexy workout gifs

But can she do double-dutch?


23. The Upton Stretch

kate upton workin out - sexy workout gifs

Here’s how the lovely Kate Upton maintains her figure.


22. The Kardashian Bunny Hop

kim kardashian workout tape - sexy workout gifs

And this is how Kim Kardashian maintains the figure that landed Kanye West.


21. Feel the Burn

oooyeah - sexy workout gifs

At first I thought something completely different was going on here.


20. Yoga Thrusting

pelvic thrust workout - sexy workout gifs

I believe this pose is called the Horny Lotus.


19. Pole Dancing Workout

pole dance workout - sexy workout gifs

Don’t you love how pole dancing is a legit exercise movement now? (Seriously, it is. Look it up.)


18. Punching Bag Situps

punching bag situps - sexy workout gifs

Raise your hand if you wish you were a punching bag right now?


17. Anastasia Ashely Workout 1

anastasia ashley working out - sexy workout gifs

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Anastasia Ashley, the world’s hottest professional female surfer…


16. Anastasia Ashely Workout 2

anastasia ashley workout 2 - sexy workout gifs

Look at that! She must be using, what, seven-pound weights? And in each hand, too!


15. Anastasia Ashely Workout 3

anastasia ashley treadmill gif - sexy workout gifs

Of course, the real secret to maintaining her excellent beach bod is running.


14. Pilates!

sexy pilates ball gif - sexy workout gifs

“All them mocha lattes, you gotta do pilates.”


13. Pushups

sexy pushups - sexy workout gifs

You can’t go wrong with old fashioned pushups.


12. WTF?

sexy workout hump stretching - sexy workout gifs

Seriously, what is going on here?

Wait, maybe the fact that this was on something called “Nuts TV” has something to do with it.


11. Crunching

washboard abs crunches - sexy workout gifs

It’s important to make sure you use the proper technique when doing crunches. (And this is definitely the proper technique.)


10. Weightlifting

weightlifting - sexy workout gifs

She may be hot, but she could also snap me in half like a twig…which kind of terrifies me.


9. Working the Core

weird thrusting workout - sexy workout gifs

Not sure what you call this, but it’s obviously doing wonders for this woman’s core.


8. Um, what?

weird workout machine - sexy workout gifs

No comment.


7. Doin' Some Curls

working out in lingerie - sexy workout gifs

Now those are some interesting workout clothes.


6. Doin' Some Presses

working out in lingerie 2 - sexy workout gifs

No pain, no gain, right?


5. Yoga!

yoga - sexy workout gifs

I’ve just remembered that I completely forgot about my New Year’s resolution to do way more yoga.


4. More Yoga!

yoga 2 - sexy workout gifs

Yep, yoga is super.


3. Nice View

busty workout - sexy workout gifs

Sometimes it’s just all about your point of view.


2. Aerobics!

sexy workout chick - sexy workout gifs

Is she scratching an itch?


1. Sexy Shirtless Dudes!

shirtless dudes working out - sexy workout gifs

Wait, how’d this one get in here?


1. Workout Montage

sexy workout - sexy workout gifs

Okay, sorry about that last one. Let’s wrap things up with a winner, shall we?