Watch Proactive Broncos Fans Stretch with their Team at Training Camp (Video)

broncos fans stretch with team

Over the years, NFL training camps have become sources of legend and folklore. All the stories of epic pranks, 300-pound guys passing out from heat exhaustion, guys eating three t-bone steaks for dinner, and guys sneaking girls and kegs into the dorms late at night—plus the simple fact that they’re playing football—have endeared the institution to sports fans. For that reason, earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings strapped a helmet cam on MVP Adrian Peterson so that their fans could see what an NFL training camp is like from the perspective of somebody taking part in it.

That was pretty cool. But with all due respect, the fans of the Denver Broncos don’t need some stinkin’ helmet cam to get a feel for what training camp is like. They just jump right in and participate themselves…Well, at least for the stretching and warmup exercises.

Here’s a video shot last Saturday prior to the morning training camp session:

Somebody blow the whistle already. These people are ready for some football!

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