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College Football 2013 Preview: 25 Most Interesting New Helmets

by: Esteban On  Friday, August 9, 2013
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new college football helmets 2013

A few years back, the Oregon Ducks football team made a very significant discovery: sometimes football recruits will choose one school over another simply because they think they’ll look better in that school’s uniforms. Is that rational? Of course not. The uniforms you wear don’t affect whether you win or lose or wind up making millions of dollars in the NFL. But if I remember my own high school days correctly, high school kids aren’t always that rational.

In any case, Oregon started getting more and more creative with their uniforms, and now almost every program in the country is following suit. The result? This year there is an unprecedented number of new college football uniforms, and the most drastic changes you’ll see are the helmets.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the most interesting new helmets of the 2013 college football season. And by “interesting” I do not mean “best.” Sure, some of the helmets you’ll see here are phenomenal. Others, however, are pretty terrible. I guarantee you, though, that they are all going to get noticed—and that’s pretty much the whole point.

Take a look…


25. Florida Atlantic Owls

25 new florida atlantic owls football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

Unless you’re a field mouse, you probably don’t find Owls all that terrifying. These helmets probably aren’t going to change that—in my opinion they’re pretty weak.


24. Cal Golden Bears

24 new cal football helmets

Cal didn’t do a complete overhaul of their classic helmet. They just modernized it by going with a matt finish.


23. West Virginia Mountaineers

23 new wvu football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The Mountaineers haven’t had a gold helmet since the 1970s, so that’s a pretty big change.


22. Texas Longhorns

22 new texas longhorns football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The Longhorns will still have their iconic steer silhouette   on the sides of their helmets this season. However, they did make one interesting little change: that three dimensional “HORNS” lettering on the front.


21. Boise State Broncos

21 new boise state football helmet - 2013 college football helmets

Boise State did not alter the basic design of the helmet this year, and that’s a good thing because they have one of the best modern designs in college football. What they did do, however, is add a more traditional royal blue version…which we assume they will not wear at home, or else nobody will be able to see them against the backdrop of that blue turf.


20. Memphis Tigers

20 new memphis tigers chrome football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The Memphis Tigers new uniform combinations were chosen by alumni, and I must say they did a great job—especially with that chrome helmet with the tiger print M.


19. Texas Tech Red Raiders

19 new texas tech football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

I have no idea if the Red Raiders are really going with a ridiculous six different helmets this year, or if, when this pic was snapped, they just hadn’t decided yet. I will say, however, that I’m particularly fond of the all-black helmet with the chrome raider in the middle of the left row.


18. Southern Miss Golden Eagles

18 new southern miss football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

Some how, by simply inverting the color scheme of their existing helmet, Southern Miss (who went 0-12 last year…wow) stumbled upon a really awesome retro look that will really stand out amongst all the chrome and matt paint.


17. Kansas Jayhawks

17 new kansas football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

After years and years of the stupid “KU” on the side of their helmets, Kansas finally had the sense to go back to the Jayhawk.

But seriously, though, five helmets? And a black one? Really? For some teams the “blackout” theme works, but I don’t think the Jayhawks are one of them.


16. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

16 new tulsa football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

With a name like “The Golden Hurricane,” a gold chrome finish is a great choice. I only wish they would have gone all out and come up with some new hurricane logo.


15. Washington Huskies

15 new washington huskies football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The Huskies have also decided to get in on the biggest trend in college football helmets, as have the…


14. Baylor Bears

14 new baylor football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The new golden Baylor helmet wouldn’t impress me at all if not for the golden face mask. Because of that, these guys are going to look like ballers this year.


13. Nevada WolfPack

13 new nevada wolfpack football helmet - 2013 college football helmets

The logo and basic design haven’t changed very much, but by going with gray-on-white the WolfPack have given themselves a more modern look.


12. UConn Huskies

12 new uconn huskies football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

I suspect people have mixed feelings about the Huskies’ bold new design. Me? Not a fan.


11. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

11 new western kentucky football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

I still think the “Hilltoppers” is a dumb team name, but these new black chrome helmets are pretty badass.


10. Central Florida Knights

10 new central florida knights football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The UCF Knights may not be a college football powerhouse, but they’re going to look like a bunch of badasses in these gold and black helmets this year. It takes balls for a small program with little name recognition to go with a dichromatic scheme and no logo, so give these guys some credit.


9. Western Michigan Broncos

9 new western michigan football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The Broncos’ helmets are easily among the most-improved this year. Their horse head logo has been badassified, and now they’re added little oars to keep track of personal achievements—a symbol of coach P.J. Fleck’s rowing analogy for the importance of teamwork.


8. South Carolina Gamecocks

7 new South Carolina Gamecocks helmet - 2013 college football helmets

Despite being a football team named after a combative chicken, the Gamecocks are going to look pretty sharp this year.


7. Fresno State Bulldogs

6 new fresno state blackout uniforms and helmets - 2013 college football helmets

I myself prefer brighter colors, but if you’re going to do the gunmetal tones thing (i.e., gray on black), this is the way to go. The Bulldogs are going to look sharp this year.


6. Houston Cougars

5 new houston cougars football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

Okay, so their helmet with the huge chrome Cougar logo looks a bit like a ripoff of Penn State’s Nittany Lion logo…but hey, Penn State doesn’t put their logo on their helmets.


5. Miami Ohio RedHawks

4 new miami ohio football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

I’m not sure what that pattern is on the helmet, but I like it.


4. Oregon State Beavers

8 new oregon state beavers helmets and uniforms - 2013 college football helmets

The award for “most improved helmets” (and logos and uniforms) has to go to Oregon State this year. With these sharp helmets they’ve created the perfect marriage of old school and new school.


3. Indiana Hoosiers

3 new indiana football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

The helmet on the left is pretty much a blatant ripoff of Alabama. The one on the right is a blatant ripoff of the candy cane.

And those aren’t even all of IU’s new helmets—just the most interesting.


2. Oregon Ducks

2 new oregon ducks football helmets - 2013 college football helmets

This year, the Oregon Ducks continue to innovate. These are probably their best helmets yet.


1. Southwestern Oklahoma State Bulldogs

1 new southwestern oklahoma state football helmet - 2013 college football helmets

Congrats to the Southwestern Oklahoma State Bulldogs—now everyone has actually heard of your D-II program. The only downside is that it’s because you’ve created the ugliest helmets in the history of football.