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27 Badass Shark GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, August 23, 2013
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shark gifs

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the hell out of Shark Week. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day at work than watching terrifying sea creatures tear cute sea creatures to bits with their ferocious teeth, amiright?
Of course, like all good things, Shark Week is going to come to an end eventually. (I’m guessing Friday, since that’s when they say it will end.) And then what are we supposed to do?
Well, I’ll tell you what. When SW is over and we’re in need of a shark fix, we can just come right here and check out these badass shark animated GIFs. They won’t give you quite the same high that a week’s worth of primetime HD footage will, but they can tide you over.
Check them out.

27. Get Out the Way

school of fish getting out of shark's way - shark gifs

Yo school of fish, that’s a shark. Get out of the way.


26. Chomp

shark jaws - shark gifs

For some reason, the fact that this is grainy black-and-white footage makes it even more terrifying.


25. Out for a Swim

shark swimming on surface - shark gifs

Oh hey, what’s that? Ah, no big deal, just a shark casually circling our boat.


24. Fisherman vs. Shark

kayak fisherman shark attack - shark gifs

We told you about this guy a few months back. He is the reason we will never go kayak fishing. Ever.


23. Oblivious

shark and scuba diver - shark gifs

Um, hey Bob, there’s like, a shark, swimming right for your head. FYI.


22. Sharky Smile

nemo shark smiling - shark gifs

I’m glad sharks don’t really smile. They’re scary enough as it is.


21. Sharky Laugh

shark laughing - shark gifs

Ditto what I just said about smiling for laughing. Nobody needs any of that.


20. Despicable Shark

shark smack despicable me - shark gifs

Get it? He’s so despicable that the sharks are no match for him! Oh the hilarity.

(Warning: the next one is gruesome.)

19. Jaws!

jaws eating quint - shark gifs

Take that you drunk curmudgeon! You’re shark food now.

On a side note, if a shark eats a drunken fisherman, does it get drunk?


18. Close Encounter

shark attacks boat - shark gifs

I’m sorry, slapping the shark’s nose is the incorrect response. We were looking for get the f@#& out of there. But thanks for playing “What Would You Do If A Shark Tried to Eat Your Boat?”


17. Little Too Close

shark eats camera - shark gifs

Pro Tip: if the shark has it’s mouth around your camera lens, you are too close.

Now you know.


16. Behold the Goblin Shark

goblin shark attack - shark gifs

Hey everybody, goblin sharks are messed up. Stay the hell away from these Alien-like creatures.


15. Shark Attack

shark attack 3 - shark gifs

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get attacked by a shark while scuba diving…well, here you go.


14. The Shark Rider

shark rider - shark gifs

This is how I imagine we will all get around in the future, when all the earth’s polar ice has melted and everything is underwater. The shark will be the new horse…only it can eat you.


13. Say AHHH

shark bite - shark gifs

This GIF is just two images, and yet it’s still so horrifying. Well done, Eric H. Cheng. Well done.


12. Pride Shark

rainbow shark mouth - shark gifs

If sharks are for gay rights, who am I to be against? After all, they’ve been around for like 400 million years, and we’ve only been around for a couple hundred thousand. Evolutionary speaking, they must be doing something right, you know?


11. Hammertime

school of hammer head sharks - shark gifs

Hammer head sharks: one of nature’s goofiest-looking creatures.


10. Shark Party

school of sharks - shark gifs

That’s like ten too many sharks for my taste. I hope this was a robot camera or something.


9. The Shark Wrangler

shark rasslin - shark gifs

Hey ma! I’m gone go down t’ th’ beach an’ rassle me some sharks!


8. Camera Snack

sharks attack camera - shark gifs

Much like Alec Baldwin, sharks hate paparazzi.


7. Sharknado!

sharknado - shark gifs

Sharknado was pretty much the best idea in the history of basic cable.

Well, after Shark Week, anyway.

PS, the next GIF is pretty gory, so…


6. Sharknado Shark Attack

sharknado attack - shark gifs

When I was a kid, my cousin wouldn’t go swimming at the family lake for years after she watched Jaws for the first time. Thank God Sharknado wasn’t around back then, or she would have locked herself in her bedroom and never come out.

Warning: if you haven’t actually seen Sharknado, the next GIF contains a pretty rad spoiler.


5. One More Sharknado GIF for Good Measure

sharknado final kill - shark gifs

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you kill a flying shark with a chain saw.


4. Kim K: Shark Food

kim k thrown to the sharks - shark gifs

This is how Kris Humphries wishes he had dumped Kim Kardashian.


3. Open Wide

shark attack 2 - shark gifs

If you ever see this, chances are it will be the last thing you ever see.


2. Delicious Seal

shark eating seal - shark gifs

This seal was no match for this gigantic shark. I’d like to see him pick on somebody his own size…


1. Shut Yo Mouth, Shark

mr t punching shark - shark gifs

One can’t help but pity the shark who dares tangle with Mr. T. Even as a cartoon, the guy is a total badass.