The Gretzky Trade Gets an Autotune Remix From DJ Steve Porter (Video)

gretzky trade 25th anniversary

How big was the trade that sent Wayne Getzky from Edmonton to Los Angeles in 1988?

Well, considering the fact that, even then, Gretzky was in the running for “greatest hockey player of all-time,” is was kind of huge. Gretzky was the Jordan of hockey before Michael Jordan was even the Jordan of basketball, and you don’t just move a player like that without crushing a few souls—whether it’s those of the fans, the players, the teammates, or all of the above.

Moreover, the fact that “the Great One” was going from a small hockey-mad market to a gigantic hockey-oblivious market was not insignificant. The league and Kings owner Bruce McNall were licking their lips, hoping that Gretzky could finally make the United States’ second-biggest city get truly excited about the NHL.

So in short, the Gretzky trade was pretty much the most significant transaction in hockey history. Or at least, it’s in the running, along with Bobby Hull moving to Winnipeg. And with the 25th anniversary of that trade being today—August 9—it’s no surprise that TSN has teamed up with DJ Steve Porter to create a commemorative autotuned soundbite remix.

Apparently they’re not going to unveil the full video until a little bit later. But here’s a preview:

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