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Michael Jordan Can Still Dunk at the Age of 50 (Video)

by: Esteban On  Monday, August 12, 2013
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mj flight school dunk 50 years old

Earlier this year Michael Jordan turned 50. It was such a big deal (apparently) that Sports Illustrated commemorated the occasion by putting him on the cover again—for the 50th time.

Was it cute? Sure, I guess. But here’s the real question: Can His Airness still dunk at 50?

Okay fine, that was a stupid question. Like, a really stupid question. Of course Jordan can still dunk at 50. In fact, even at the age of 50, Jordan still makes dunking look completely effortless.

Earlier this week at his annual “Michael Jordan Flight School” basketball camp in Santa Barbara, California, MJ stopped by to talk to the kids and play a little ball. And while doing the latter, he decided to show everyone that, despite being over the hill, he still knows how to take flight.

Here’s a pic:

mj flight school dunk 50 years old
And here’s a video:

So here’s my question for you: We know Dr. J can still dunk at the age of 63, so how old do you think Jordan will be when he is no longer able to dunk?

My guess? When he’s dead.

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