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The 21 Best Baseball Fail GIFs of 2013

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 15, 2013
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baseball fail gifs 2013

There are just over six weeks left in the 2013 MLB season. Of course, that still leaves a lot of baseball to be played and a handful of playoff spots to be won, so you can’t really talk about things like who will win a batting title, or Cy Young award, or anything serious like that. However, you can start talking about the lighter side of the game—and that’s exactly what we’re going today.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the 21 best (or is it worst?) fail GIFs from the 2013 season. Sure, we still may see a few more in the coming weeks. But these are definitely a good enough start. We can always add more to the list later.

So take a look, and enjoy the rest of the season.


21. Chad Falls

chad qualls celebration fail

Get it? Chad Qualls becomes Chad Falls?

Don’t ask me how I come up with this hilarious stuff, because I don’t even know!


20. Carly Rae Fail

carly rae jepsen first pitch fail

Carly Rae Jepsen is both a one-hit wonder and a terrible thrower of baseballs. But hey, at least she tried from the mound. Some people move up a few feet.


19. Denard Fail

denard robinson first pitch fail

Congratulations, Denard Robinson. You are slightly less terrible at baseball as the previously mentioned female Canadian pop singer.


18. Holliday's Assist + Pirates Douche

matt holliday gives homerun to pirates

Matt Holliday has a wicked bat, but he’s not too sharp with the glove. Here he is getting an assist on Andrew McCutchen’s home run.

(Bonus material: a Pirates fan suddenly getting all cocky like his team hasn’t sucked ass for the last 20 years.)


17. Bourn's Assist

michael bourn cabrera home run fail

Unlike Matt Holliday, Indians center fielder Michael Bourne is an excellent fielder. In fact, he might be the best center fielder in baseball.

Still, even he messes up sometimes—like here, where he gets the assist on a Miggy Cabrera homer.


16. Arcia's Face Catch

oswaldo arcia hit in face catching fail

What’s the old rule for catching pop flies? Use two hands, not one…or your face?


15. Swisher No Run Good

nick swisher baserunning fail

Hey, at least Swish is hustling, unlike the rest of those lazy Indians.

Wait a second, I think I was just inadvertently racist. To be clear, I was talking about the baseball team, not the group of people. You see, this is why you don’t name sports teams after ethnic groups.


14. Nice Throw

jayson nix throwing fail

Be careful, man. Do you know how much those chandeliers in the Yankees dugout cost?


13. Nice Catch

starlin marte catch fail costs pirates game

This gaffe literally cost the Pirates the game. They had the Cardinals down to their last two outs when he dropped this lazy pop fly. As a result, the runner reaches second, then there was a walk, which was followed by the game-tying hit.

Like I said before, use two hands, not one…or your face.


12. Fraternal Impact

upton brothers collision

The Upton brothers don’t just possess similar skill sets. They also think alike…which is how they both wound up in the same spot while going for this fly ball.


11. Andres Torres Is Allergic to Baseballs, Part 1

andres torres defensive fail

In case you were wondering, Torres’s defensive WAR this season is a -0.4, meaning he is actually worse in the field than an average replacement player…


10. Andres Torres Is Allergic to Baseballs, Part 2

andres torres fail 2

Of course, you don’t really need any fancy metrics to understand how bad the dude has been for the Giants in left field. These two GIFs will suffice.


9. Acting Fail

julio borbon acting fail

The Cubs’ Julio Borbon is as actually worse at acting than Andres Torres is at fielding.


8. Charlie Manuel Bubble Gum Fail

charlie manuel bubble gum fail

It could have been worse. At least it was only bubble gum and not his dentures.


7. Umpiring Fail

umpiring fail

As with any baseball season, this year we have had our fair share of blown calls. (For what it’s worth, we’ve also seen our fair share of excellent calls.) However, this one from a Rangers-Rays game back in April was absurd. With the tying run on base and a full count, home plate umpire Marty Foster called this pitch a strike, ending the game.

After the game Foster admitted he’d made a mistake, because he’s a pro. But it still sucked.


6. LOL David Ross

david ross worst throw to second base ever

Apparently Red Sox catcher Davis Ross thought this dude was trying to steal center field.


5. Swing and a Miss

rajai davis worst swing ever

If I had to step into the batters box and face a major league curveball, this is probably what I would look like.

(Yes, that’s a huge burn, Rajai Davis.)


4. Oh Melky

melky cabrera throwing fail

Someone put this guy back on the ‘roids!



3. Oh Raul

raul ibanez throwing fail

I suppose it would be a cheap shot to attribute this throwing error, which really could happen to anybody, to Raul Ibanez’s advanced age. But hell, let’s do it anyway: NICE THROW, OLD-TIMER!


2. CarGo No Bunt Good

cargo bunting and running fail

Guys who average 25 home runs and a .300 average every year typically do not get the chance to bunt very often. Is it any wonder, then, that this attempt by the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez went so horribly wrong?


1. Boyfriend Fail

diamondbacks fan lets home run ball hit girlfriend

Part of me hates to keep coming back to this hilarious occurrence from the opening series of the 2013 season, because this guy probably feels really terrible about it. However, the other part of me simply cannot resist bringing it up every possible chance I get. I mean, the dude jumped out of the way of a home run ball and let it hit his girlfriend!

That is epic.