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The 40 Jerseys of the 2013/14 English Premier League Season

by: Esteban On  Friday, August 16, 2013
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EPL jerseys kits 2013-14 season

Here in North America, when it comes to sports jerseys, we like continuity. We may tear down our stadiums every 20 years, but the idea of the Yankees or Packers or Celtics or Red Wings changing uniforms every single season just sounds ridiculous.

This is not the case in England. There, it’s pretty much expected that every team in the Barclay’s Premier League will make at least one uniform adjustment every single season, whether it be the manufacturer, the colors, the design, or even just the sponsor on the front.

Today, with the 2013-14 EPL season set to kick off this weekend, we’re bringing you every single jersey you’ll see on the pitch this season. That’s 40 jerseys, two for each team. And remarkably, only six of them are holdovers from last year. The rest have all been either tweaked or entirely reinvented.

Take a look…


Arsenal Home

arsenal (home)

Right off the bat we have one of the six jerseys that didn’t change this year. Arsenal decided that they really liked their home kits*, so they left them alone.

Now, their away jerseys are a different story…

*For those of you who may not know what the hell I’m talking about, the Europeans call their soccer uniforms kits. That includes the shirt, shorts, and socks. You can just call them uniforms, though.


Arsenal Away (New)

arsenal (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Team colors? Eh, those are only for the home kits. For the away kits, teams like to go nuts like Arsenal, here. It seems strange to us North Americans, but that’s how they roll. And it is kind of fun when you think about it…though I would hate to see the Montreal Canadiens wearing, say, green and white when they hit the road.


Aston Villa Home (New)


The sponsor logo on the front of the jersey stands out too much, but you have to love the stripes on the color, sleeves, and sides. That’s a nice attention to detail right there.


Aston Villa Away (New)


Unfortunately, Aston Villa’s away jersey is just plain terrible. And seriously, could the Macron logo be any bigger? You don’t see Nike putting giant eight-inch swooshes on in three separate places on their jerseys, do you?


Cardiff City Home (New)

cardiff city (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013 copy

Cardiff City is joining the Premier League for the first time ever this year after 90 years in the lower tiers. That’s a pretty huge deal. So to celebrate their promotion, they introduced…an extremely bland jersey. Yawn.


Cardiff City Away

cardiff city (away)

As for Cardiff City’s away jerseys, they are the same as they were last season, and thus still pretty boring.


Chelsea Away (New)

chelsea (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Chelsea’s new away jerseys aren’t bad, but they’re nothing to write home about, either.


Chelsea Home (New)

chelsea (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Their home shirts, meanwhile, have retained a pretty classic look, if also a bland one.


Chelsea Alternate (New)

chelsea (alternate) - new premier league jerseys 2013

And, okay, so I lied. There are actually 41 jerseys in the EPL this season, not 40. That’s because Chelsea has gone rogue and introduced a third kit, American-style. Unfortunately, like many third jerseys in the U.S., Chelsea’s is black, which is lame. If you’re going to do a third jersey, go big or go home I say.


Crystal Palace Home (New)

crystal palace (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Think English soccer doesn’t have a playoff system? Think again. Though there are no playoffs in the Premier League, in the League Championship (i.e., the second tier of the English soccer pyramid) there is a playoff between the teams that finish 3-6 to see who gets the coveted third promotion to the EPL. Last year, that playoff was won by 5th place Crystal Palace, and they’ll be joining the top flight this year in these handsome Barcelona-esque jerseys.

As for their away shirts…

Crystal Palace Away (New)

crystal palace (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Yep, they are hands down the finest looking away shirts in the Premier League. Horizontal stripes? Team colors on a black background? To borrow a phrase from America’s pastime, they really hit a home run with these.


Everton Home (New)

everton (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

These shirts are fine, but Everton’s sponsor logo is out of control. Come on, guys, reign it in.


Everton Away

everton (away)

Everton’s way kits still have the ridiculously huge sponsor logo, but at least they look sharp in every other respect. That’s why they decided not to make any changes from last year.


Fulham Home (New)

fulham (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Southampton, as you will see, is wearing the same Adidas shirts as Fulham, only the black part is white and the white part is black. It looks much better than Fulham’s version.


Fulham Away (New)

fulham (away)

Meanwhile, Fulham’s away shirt gets the award for jersey that most looks like a shirt your dad wore in the 80s. Congrats, guys.


Hull City Home (New)

hull city (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Hull City’s 2013/14 home kit is one of the best in the EPL and a major improvement over last year’s.

The away kit? That’s a different story…


Hull City Away (New)

hull city (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

This shirt takes the award for jersey that most looks like it is from some Eastern European B league.


Liverpool Home (New)

liverpool (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

You’ve heard of such a thing as addition by subtraction? Well, here’s a case of subtraction by subtraction. Last year Liverpool had nice-looking collars on their jerseys. This year they’ve gotten rid of them and replaced piping with stripes, but they just aren’t as sharp.


Liverpool Away (New)

liverpool (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Um, no. Worst jersey in the league. Period.


Manchester City Home (New)

manchester city (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Man City went from Umbro to Nike, thus exchanging a nice-looking black collar for a little white ring on the sleeves—a downgrade, in my opinion.


Manchester City Away (New)

manchester city (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

For their away kits, however, City ditched the maroon for black, and while I liked the maroon, the black does look excellent. (They’ve obviously copied Everton, but that’s okay.)


Manchester United Home (New)

manchester united (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Are these the best shirts in the EPL this year? Perhaps. Man U went back to collars this year for the first time in ages, and they gave them buttons, which look much better than I would have imagined.


Manchester United Away (New)

manchester united (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

United is really committed to this plaid thing. I’ve never really been a fan, but I will admit the navy and black combo is better than the red and black.


Newcastle Home

newcastle (home)

Newcastle switched jersey sponsors—the the laughable—but other than that they decided to keep their excellent home jersey as is for 2013/14.


Newcastle Away (New)

newcastle united (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Newcastle’s new away kits are inoffensive, but also pretty bland compared to what they’ll be wearing at home.


Norwich City Home

norwich city (home)

Is that Brazil? No, it’s Norwich City fool.


Norwich City Away (New)

norwich city (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Kind of a lame shirt, definitely a lame advertisement. I mean, panther eyes? Come on, guys. They call you The Canaries.


Southampton Home (New)

southampton (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

The front is too plain but the sleeves are too busy. Adidas is struggling these days.

Love the socks, though.


Southampton Away (New)

southampton (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

However, Southampton’s away jerseys, as I indicated earlier in my discussion of Fulham’s home shirts, are really excellent. I think they’re my second away kit after newbies Crystal Palace.

Stoke City Home

stoke city (home)

I really don’t like Liverpool’s away shirt, but this one is a close second for my “worst jersey in the league” award.Normally I love stripes, but the blocky sponsor logo on front just ruins the effect. Compare it to Hull City’s home jerseys and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Stoke City Away (New)

stoke city (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

As for Stoke’s away jerseys, I think they just bought some leftovers from the Seattle Sounders or something.


Sunderland Home (New)

sunderland (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

See, this is another great way to do stripes. The corporate sponsor’s logo is clearly separated and confined to its little box.


Sunderland Home (Away)

sunderland (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Unfortunately, Sunderland, like Hull City, was too lazy to design an actual away shirt, so they just let Adidas put them in whatever.


Swansea Home (New)

swansea (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Swansea has by far the worst sponsor logo. It’s just taking over the whole shirt.


Swansea Away (New)

swansea (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

The sad thing is, if not for the out-of-control sponsor logo, these away shits would look pretty sharp.


Tottenham Home (New)

tottenham (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

I absolutely love these simple home jerseys. The HP logo? Well, I’m not crazy about it, but at least Tottenham tried their best to make it look like it’s supposed to be there.


Tottenham Away (New)

tottenham (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Tottenham’s away kits aren’t as nice as their home, but they’re certainly not terrible.


West Brom Home (New)

west brom (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Stripes good. Purple corporate logo bad. So, so bad.


West Brom Away (New)

west brom (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

At least on their away kits West Bromwich gave the corporate logo a non-clashing background.


West Ham Home (New)

west ham (home) - new premier league jerseys 2013

Love the shorts. Not so crazy about the jerseys, which look like bad Aston Villa knockoffs.


West Ham Away (New)

west ham (away) - new premier league jerseys 2013

However, I think West Ham redeemed themselves a bit with their away kits. I don’t like the maroon armpit stains, but the pinstripes are excellent, no?