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Behold this Ridiculous Double Dodgeball Catch (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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dodgeball double catch

We don’t bring you all that many dodgeball posts here at Total Pro Sports. In fact, best I could tell, over the years we’ve brought you precisely three—two about people getting hit in the face, and one about a game featuring over 9,000 players. That’s it.

However, today we’re adding a fourth to the library, and it is completely unique. It’s not about anyone getting hit in the face, but rather about some dude making a double catch.

Now, I’d like to be able to say to you with some authority that the double catch is extremely rare in dodgeball, but I really have no idea because I haven’t played dodgeball since I was 12 years old. However, I will say that, based on what I remember about the game, as well as my basic, first-hand experiential understanding of the laws of physics, the double catch sure seems like it would be extremely difficult to pull off.

But don’t take my word for you. See for yourself:

As you can see at the 0:11 mark, the short Asian guy in the pink shirt was certainly impressed.

So well done, dodgeball catching guy, whoever you are. Well done.