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Paulina Gretzky: 15 Things You Might as Well Know About the Daughter of the Great One

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 22, 2013

paulina gretzky

If you are a regular reader of gossip websites or (ahem) sports blogs, then chances are you are well aware of Paulina Gretzky’s meteoric rise to internet superstardom over the last year and a half. However, for those of you who do not understand all the fuss, let me explain the Paulina Gretzky phenomenon in the simplest of terms: she is the daughter of the greatest hockey player of all time, she is incredibly attractive, and she posts lots of sexy picture on the instawebz—and, like it or not, in this day and age, that is all you need to be famous.

However, Paulina Gretzky isn’t just some hot chick. She’s also an interesting chick. So we here at Total Pro Sports thought, if everyone is going to go nuts over her sexy bikini pics, they might as well learn a thing or two about her…which is the reason we created today’s list.

Ready to go? Yes, of course you are. So click on that arrow, friends…


15. Daughter of a Legend

15 paulina gretzky at a little girl with dad wayne gretzky

Paulina Gretzky was born just four months after her dad, The Great One, was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988. And while being the daughter of the most prolific scorer in the history of the NHL would have made her royalty in Canada, in Los Angeles, which is jam packed with famous people who don’t know a lot about hockey, she claims she had a pretty normal life—probably not all that different from yours.

Your dad was a millionaire, wasn’t he?



14. She has 99 tattooed on her pelvis

14 paulina gretzky 99 tattoo

Apparently, Paulina has a pretty good relationship with her superstar father, because the 24-year-old has dad’s famous #99 tattooed on her pelvis.

That’s right. Her pelvis. Not her ankle, and not the back of her hip, but her pelvis, about two inches from her special lady region.

One would have to imagine her boyfriends found that rather intimidating, if not flat out creepy.


13. She's a prolific Instagram user

13 paulina gretzky sexy instagram pics

If Paulina were simply the hot daughter of Wayne Gretzky, nobody would really know who she is. However, thanks to her love of skimpy bikinis and Instagram…well, we’re all pretty familiar with her, aren’t we? And as you can see, she’s very comfortable with her body and is not all that shy.


12. She still dressed up for Halloween

12 paulina gretzky halloween costume (sexy cop)

Of course, while Paulina is now an official grownup, she still likes to dress up for Halloween. Last year, for example, she went as a sexy cop (because regular cops are boring). We can only assume the costume was a big hit at whatever party she attended.


11. Yes, she works out

11 paulina gretzky working out

Are you kidding? Nobody comes by this kind of body naturally. You gotta work out. And with a pro athlete dad and a mom who used to have her own line of aerobics workout tapes in the 80s, there is no way Paulina can let herself go. She’s got her family’s reputation on the line, so she works hard at the gym every day.


10. Yes, she is also a dog lover

10 paulina gretzky dog lover

Paulina’s Instagram page is full of pictures of her posing with adorable little puppies. However, there don’t seem to be any pics of full-grown dogs. Is she just giving them away when they get too old or something, or how does that work?


9. She's old-fashioned about dating

9 paulina gretzy carried by dustin johnson

In an interview with Complex last summer, Paulina dished a bit on her dating habits and preferences. Her most notable revelation? No, it’s not that she can’t stand dishonest men or bad breath. It that, for someone who’s made a name for herself on social media, she’s kind of old-fashioned about dating. If a guy texts her to ask her out? Nope, disqualified. You gotta call. Like, on the phone. And talk to her.

Also, she’s not going to pursue you. She wants the guy to come in and sweep her off her feet. (Literally, I guess.)


8. Engaged to the luckiest man in golf

8 paulina gretzky and dustin johnson engaged

Apparently golf pro Dustin Johnson did everything right, because he and Paulina are now engaged.

That’s right, folks, the hottest daughter in sports is now among the hottest WAGs in sports. And, of course, Dustin Brown is now officially the luckiest damn bastard on the PGA Tour.

Man I hate him so much.


7. She says she was a pretty good athlete...

7 paulina gretzky playing golf

So was Paulina any good at sports growing up? Hell yeah, she was. She played a bunch of sports as a kid, including hockey. However, by the time she was a teenager, she decided she was more interested in following in the footsteps of her mom than in the footsteps of her dad…


6. Like mother, like daughter


Paulina’s mother, of course, is Janet Jones Gretzky. The St. Louis native was an aspiring dancer and actor when she met Wayne in 1984. In 1987 she did a semi-nude pictorial in Playboy, and in 1988 she married the Great One and gave birth to their first child, Paulina.  (Married in July, baby Paulina in December. Do the math.)

Obviously, Paulina comes by her uninhibitedness naturally.


5. Insists she's not just some bimbo

5 Paulina Gretzky spread eagle

Paulina insisted in that Complex interview that she’s not just some bimbo socialite, but that she also strives to be a role model for her little sister.

The good role model thing? Yeah, I don’t know if that’s going too well. But the not being a socialite thing is going okay. You see, Paulina is at least trying to make something of herself and not just live off her dad’s fame…


4. She's a singer

4 paulina gretzky singing at 2003 heritage classic

That’s right, Paulina Gretzky is a singer. She made her performance  debut as a kid back in 2003 at—where else?— a hockey game. More recently, she’s been trying to get her pop career off the ground.

If that doesn’t work out, though…


3. She's a model

3 paulina gretzky in flare magazine 2005

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Paulina made her debut as a professional model back in 2005 on the cover of Canadian magazine Flare. Of course, she was still a minor back then, which is why the spread was so tame.


2. She's an actor

2 paulina gretzky as bikini girl in grown ups 2

Of course, like pretty much every rich and famous person in Hollywood, Paulina is also working on a film career, too. Her most recent “work”? She played “bikini girl 2″ (here she is in costume!) in the summer blockbuster Grown Ups 2.

And yes, I’m serious when I say Grown Ups 2 a “blockbuster.” That movie may suck, but it made a ton of money.


1. But mostly, she's just really, really hot

1 paulina gretzky hot bikini pic

Of course, at the end of the day, no matter if she makes it in the movie or music biz, Paulina Gretzky will always be famous first and foremost for being a stone cold fox.

It’s good work if you can get it.