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20 Fan Signs with Amusing Messages for Alex Rodriguez

by: Esteban On  Monday, August 26, 2013
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a-rod fan signs

Okay everyone, this will be the last list making fun of A-Rod for a while. Well, probably. I shouldn’t make any guarantees, because you never know. But after the “most embarrassing moments of Alex Rodriguez” list we did last week and this here “fan signs” list, I think any more would be overkill. Anyway, yes, today’s list features some of the wonderful signs baseball fans have made referencing the disgraced baseball superstar. The vast majority of them are negative, since most people don’t seem to like A-Rod, seeing as how he’s kind of a huge phony. However, there are a few positive ones mixed in there for good measure. So are you ready for one last laugh at A-Roid’s expense? Okay, then let’s get started…

20. Cheater

20 cheater - a-rod fan signs

Sometimes the simplest message is the most poignant. That’s certainly what these Scranton/Wikles-Barre RailRiders fans were going for when they put up this sign earlier this summer when A-Rod was rehabbing with the Yankees’ triple A affiliate.


19. Hope Not Dope

19 hope not dope - a-rod fan signs

Hope not Dope? Well, it’s pretty cheesy. In fact, I’m not sure what it even means. How do you play ball with hope?

Then again, it is a kid holding up the sign.  And at least he spelled all the words correctly…


18. A-Rod = Looser

10 a-rod a looser - a-rod fan signs

I assume this brilliant Red Sox fan meant “loser,” not “looser.” I don’t want to make fun of him too much, since I have been known to make a speling errer myself from time to time.

Of course, the difference between myself and this guy is that crank out a couple thousand words a day. All he had to do was two words on a sign.


17. A-Bum

18 a-bum - a-rod fan signs

Don’t you just love the way the word “bum” is employed in sports? I mean, seriously, is there any other word or phrase half as versatile? I can mean pretty much anything.

Guy sucks? He’s a bum. Guy doesn’t try hard enough? He’s a bum. Guy leaves your team via free agency? He’s a bum. And, of course, guy cheats? He’s a bum.


16. Free A-Rod

17 free a-rod - a-rod fan signs

Well look at that! It’s an actual A-Rod supporter. I had heard they existed, but I didn’t really believe it.


15. Can't Spell Biogenesis

16 bio-genesis cheating - a-rod fan signs

Well, sir, first of all, it’s spelled Biogenesis, not Bio-Genesis. And, technically, Biogenesis (the defunct clinic in Miami) is not cheating. Receiving PEDs from them is.

But hey, nice try. I get what you’re going for.


14. Ratter Up

15 ratter up - a-rod fan signs

On first glance I liked this sign simply for the pun on “batter up.” Then I looked more closely and realized it was an Asian man holding the sign, and, well…that makes the sign that much more interesting, doesn’t it?

(FYI, if you don’t know why his being Asian makes the sign more interesting, congratulations! You are probably not a racist.)


13. Love & Support

14 love and support - a-rod fan signs

Come on, Yankees fans, get a grip. What is there to “love and support” about this guy?

I’m not saying you have to boo him. He is on your team. But standing behind him? He’s a lying cheater, plain and simple.


12. Cooperstown Isn't for Cheaters


Nice sign. Only there should be an asterisk behind “CHEATERS” and a footnote that reads, “Except guys who took amphetamines and used spitballs and slept with hundreds of women all over America while their wives were at home with the kids.”


11. The Check List

12 a-rat - a-rod fan signs

My only question here is, why leave out the “o” in “A-Hole”? You’ve already watered the phrase down from a$$h0le.

Still, a nice all-around effort.


10. Please Retire

11 alex please retire - a-rod fan signs

Exactly, man. If I were the sign-making type (and I’m not), this is what I would have said. I wouldn’t have wanted to say anything particularly vile or mean (that’s what the internet is for!). I just would have expressed the idea that the only thing that can make any of this better now is for A-Rod to retire and fade away.

Yet, here he is, playing and fighting the suspension.


9. The A-Roid Banner

9 chicago a-roid sign - a-rod fan signs

Obviously, no giant anti-Rodriguez banner is complete without syringes. Good work, White Sox fans.

Now go figure out how to explain to your wife what happened to your new bed sheets.


8. Priceless

8 a-roids's last game - a-rod fan signs

Ah yes, the old Mastercard Priceless parody. Apparently, to some, this meme never gets old.


7. Most Interesting Cheater in the World

7 most interesting man in the world sign - a-rod fan signs

And here’s another sign in the format of a popular television ad campaign-turned-internet meme. In this case, it’s the Dos Equis “most interesting man in the world” bit.

Can’t quite make this one out? It reads, “I don’t always play baseball, but when I do I always use steroids.”



6. A-Rod Army

6 a-rod army- a-rod fan signs

At least these guys embrace their moral relativism. The syringe forming the one in “13″ is an especially nice touch. (The guy who mixes up “then” with “than”? Not so great.)


5. A-Fraud

5 a-fraud - a-rod fan signs

Just check out the look on this kid’s face. He. Is. Disgusted.

Fortunately, there have never been any Red Sox heroes who have had their legacies tainted by PEDs…except for ManRam and Papi and Clemens, of course. But that’s it!


4. AFraud

4 hat guy afraud - a-rod fan signs

Same slogan, different spelling.

Come on, buddy, what else you got?


3. A-Rod's Erectile Dysfunction

3  hat guy can't get a hardon - a-rod fan signs

Now we’re talking, buddy. Go for the jugular and attack his virility.

Of course, this one is just conjecture. As far as I know, there is no definitive link between steroid use and ED. Now, testicle size, on the other hand…


2. Facts are Facts

2 big muscles tiny balls - a-rod fan signs

This guy’s not just attacking A-Rod’s manhood for the sake of attacking A-Rod’s manhood. He’s just stating a statistical probability. As everyone knows, some steroids do, in fact, shrink your nuts.

Maybe Cameron Diaz can chime in on this?


1. Burn!

1 a-rod chuch sign - a-rod fan signs

Even the Lutherans are hating on A-Rod these days, and they’re one of the most laid-back Christian denominations you’ll find.

(PS, nice burn Pastor Steve Brisson.)