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25 GIFs of People Getting Hit in the Head by a Ball

by: Esteban On  Thursday, August 29, 2013

hit in the head by ball gifs

What is it about seeing people get hit in the head by a ball that makes us laugh? It’s rarely funny to those who must suffer the indignity. In fact, sometimes it hurts. A lot. And yet still we laugh. That’s kind of weird, don’t you think? That being said, in the end I don’t really care about why seeing people getting hit in the head is funny. All I care is that it is funny—which is why I have made this phenomenon the subject of our weekly animated GIF list. If you could use a good laugh to get you through the day, you should definitely check these out. Enjoy!

25. Astros Baseball

25 astros cosart hit in head by ball

Well, this pretty much sums up the current state of the Houston Astros, doesn’t it?


24. Different Kind of Helmet Catch

24 Harry-Douglas-Catches-Ball-off-Raiders-Defender-head

Matt Ryan is a pretty good quarterback, so I’m going to assume it his the Oakland defender in the head because it was deflected.


23. Daydreaming Security Guy

23 oakland a's ball man hit in head

“Hey, what are all those guys doing, hanging over the railing with their hands outstr…OWW MY HEAD!”


22. Rugby Ball to the Face

22 cian healy hit in head with rugby ball

Did you know that throwing the rugby ball at your opponent’s head is a really good way to get their attention?


21. Referee Knockout

21 ncaa basketball ref hit in head by ball

Okay, now here is one everybody can enjoy. I mean, nobody likes the refs, right? Seeing one get hit in the head by a ball and knocked off his head is pretty sweet.


20. Pilates Ball vs. Kid

20 pilates ball hits kid in head

I’m not really sure what is going on here (kickball with a Pilates stability ball?), but I like it. (Yes, of course I feel bad for the kid, but he’ll be okay.)


19. Tebow the Receiver

19 Tim-Tebow-Hit-in-Head-with-Pass

Oh yes, the Pats should definitely use Tim Tebow as a tight end this year. It would be hilarious.


18. Gooooal!!!

18 soccer kid hits old lady in head

The best part about this one? The way to poor old lady takes two more steps and then just falls over like a tree.

(Okay, now I’m getting the sense that I might be a pretty big a**hole for laughing at this one.)


17. Reporter Headshot

17 reporter-hit-in-head-with-soccer-ball

Now this is professionalism. Woman takes a soccer ball right to the side of the head, but immediately composes herself and continues her report.

Someone give her a raise.


16. Softball Sniper

16 softball-throw-hits-girl

That looks like it really hurt. And I love how, after not catching the ball, the first baseman then just stands there rather than immediately going to the poor girl’s aid. In fact, the first baseman actually takes one step away from the injured girl.

That’s cold.


15. Front Row Casualty

15 Kevin-Durant-Hits-Fan-in-Head-With-Ball

Can’t feel sorry for this woman. If you’re sitting court-side at an NBA game, you gotta pay attention. Simple as that. (Plus I’m sure she was fine.)


14. The Pam Oliver GIF

14 pam-oliver-hit-in-face-by-football-gif

Backup quarterbacks. Aren’t they the best?

(By the way, Pam Oliver gets bonus points for the way her hair swooshes around here.)


13. Sportsmanship

13 rugby ball to head

Wait, Penn State and Notre Dame play rugby? And it’s on TV? How did I not know about this?


12. Ball Boy Fail

12 soccer_ball_hits_ball_boy

Okay, maybe “Ball Boy Fail” is a harsh title. It’s not really this kid’s fault. What are the chances that the ball would ricochet like that right into his face?


11. Just Tryin' to Help

11 d-wade hit in head by ball

This guy obviously didn’t do this on purpose…but you can bet he told all his Boston buddies he did it on purpose.


10. Kid + Ball to Head = No Kid

10 kid hit in head with ball

Now you see him…and now you don’t. It’s magic!


9. Dangers of Being a Tennis Ball Boy

9 tennis-ball-hits-ball-boy-in-head-ball-boy-gifs

Great one-in-a-million shot, great reaction. Really, this one is just all-around greatness.


8. Kiddie Soccer!

8 soccer kid hit in head

You have to love kids playing soccer. There’s just so much indiscriminate kicking, and always as hard as they possibly can.

Oh, and props to this kid for just getting right back up. Obviously he doesn’t watch the European game too much.


7. Heads Up, Mom

7 mom hits daughter in head with bowling ball

Okay, now here’s one that I don’t actually find funny because it’s actually pretty scary. But you know what? If you find it funny I’m not going to judge. (I mean, I’m sure this little girl was alright. Somebody had to put this on the internet, after all.)


6. Happy Gilmore

6 happy gilmore batting cage gif

Seeing this makes me realize it has been way too long since I’ve watched Happy Gilmore. So I guess I’ve got my Friday night plans all lined up now.


5. Canseco Fail

5 head bounces off jose canseco's head for home run

Steroids can help you hit 500-foot home runs, but they sure as hell can’t help you track a fly ball.

Way to go, Jose Canseco.


4. Pay Attention, Eppley

4 Eric-Chavez-throws-ball-at-Cody-Eppley

As much as I love watching Cody Eppley get hit by the ball, it’s the reaction of Chavez that really makes this GIF special.


3. The Crowd Goes Wild

3 fan_hits_referee_in_the_head_with_ball

You have to love the reaction of the crowd here. It’s like their team just scored or something.


2. Poor Rays Fan

2 foul ball of george kostanza's mom's head at rays game

Oh you poor Rays fan. First you have to watch baseball in Tropicana Field. Then you get hit in the face by a ball while the guy in the visor standing next to you backs away? That’s just brutal.


1. Epic Sideline Reporter Headshot

1 sky sports reporter hit in head by ball

Taking the number one spot is the most epic sideline reporter mishaps of all-time. Seriously, you could watch that all day, couldn’t you?

Don’t do that, though. Get back to work so you don’t get fired.