Alabama High School Football Coaches Get Into Nasty Post-Game Brawl (Video)

high school football coaches brawl

What’s a high school football coach to do in this day and age, now that he can’t slap, grab, point, yell, or do anything else that might make a player think for even a second that he is not the most special person in the whole gosh darn world? Simply abstain from physical violence?

Well, some high school football coaches down in Alabama have a pretty good idea. Since they can’t slap their own players upside the head anymore, they’ll just beat the crap…out of each other.

Oh, that’s right. You’re about to see a good old-fashioned coach fight.

After Friday night’s game between the Walker High Vikings and the Cullman Bearcats in Jasper, Alabama, which Cullman won 13-0, coaches from both teams engaged in a little hand-to-hand combat. The police had to step in to break things up, and from the looks of it, Bearcats defensive coordinator Matt Hooper (pictured above) got the worst of it.

Check out the video:

Here’s a tip for all you coaches out there: if it’s the athletes breaking up fights between coaches and not the other way around, you’re doing it wrong.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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