Man Sets Arm On Fire For Karate Stunt (Video)

Karate Man Sets Self On Fire

Practitioners of karate will tell you that the martial arts is a noble and proud tradition that is marked by self-control, gentility and respect. I’m not sure if anybody told that to the guy in this video, though, who accidentally lit himself on fire for a karate demonstration.

To his credit, the guy (Dave Massender) uploaded the video to YouTube himself, so he must have a sense of humor about what went down. You can check it out for yourself below, but basically what happened is that Dave went for the classic “flaming granite” strike, only to discover that the granite (“the same thing that they make tombstones out of”) is the least of his problems.

Luckily, Massender appears to be alright, so that means it’s okay to laugh. Good luck on getting your black belt, Dave.  I, for one, will be pulling for you.

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