South Carolina Coaches Get Into Fight on the Sidelines (Video)

south carolina coaches fighting amongst themselves

We’ve seen a lot of different kinds of football fights over the years. We’ve seen coaches fighting referees, teammates fighting each other, and the coaches of one team fighting the coaches of another team. But coaches on the same team fighting each other during a game? That we had not seen…until Saturday.

If you were busy getting all your errands done on Saturday so you could watch NFL football for 12 hours on Sunday, you probably didn’t watch the #11 Georgia Bulldogs beat the #6 South Carolina Gamecocks, 41-30. That’s understandable, but also a shame. Not only was it a great game, but South Carolina’s defensive coaches got into a pretty heated argument on the sidelines in the third quarter. No punches were thrown, but that’s only because other coaches stepped in to separate them.

The real kicker? While South Carolina would go on to lose the game, at the time the score was tied 24-24, and the Gamecocks defense had just forced the Bulldogs to go three-and-out. So it’s not clear exactly what they were fighting about.

Take a look:

You gotta love SEC football!

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