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30 NFL Fan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, September 13, 2013
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nfl fan gifs

In Major League Baseball they play 162 games. As a result the fans really have to pace themselves. They don’t want to go nuts in first few weeks of the season and burn out before their team even gets started.

However, in the NFL there are only 16 games and only eight of them are played at home, which means no restraint is necessary. NFL fans can feel free to go completely bonkers and expend pretty much all their energy from day one—and this is what makes them so damn awesome.

Today, as we head into week two of the 2013 NFL season, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fans. What would NFL football be without them?


30. Pom Pom Fingers

pom pom fingers - nfl fan gifs

NBC gave us a pretty good look at the real Denver Broncos cheerleaders during the season-opener against Baltimore last week. These folks? Not as good.


29. Detached Titans Santa

sad titans santa - nfl fan gifs

Losing 48-0 will put a petty sour look on your face, even if you are wearing a Santa hat.


28. Bam!

pumped up falcons fan - nfl fan gifs

Now this guy was into it. Look at all that passion—such a serious look, such a powerful air punch.


27. The Texans in a Nutshell

texans facepalm - nfl fan gifs

This right here pretty much sums up what it’s like to be a Houston Texans fan. Every year it looks like they’re going to get over the hump, and every year they fall flat.


26. Electrocuted?

weird eagles fans - nfl fan gifs

Did this guy step on a live wire or something?

Either way, the longer you watch this, the more he starts to creep you out. (Go on. Try it.)


25. Typical Vikings Fans


Wouldn’t it be hilarious is actual Vikings wore bright purple and gold outfits?


24. Payton's Binoculars Fail

sean payton binoculars fail - nfl fan gifs

Now Sean Payton is the coach of the New Orleans Saints again, but for all of last year, while serving his “bounty-gate” suspension, he was just a fan…a fan with no understanding of how binoculars actually work.


23. Upset Packers Fan

packers fan gives finger - nfl fan gifs

How do I like you now? Well, sir, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t like you one bit. Thanks for asking, though.


22. Cheesheads Devour Mariucci

mariucci mauled by packers fans - nfl fan gifs

When Packers fans get hungry, they’ll devour the first person that happens to wander across their path. In this case? Yep, that’s Steve Mariucci.


21. Pissed Off Steelers Fan

angry steelers fan flips bird

It’s bad enough that this guy had to watch football in the rain. But then he has to deal with bad calls from the officials? No. No way. He’s not going to stand for that.


20. Pissed Off Raiders Lady

angry female oakland raiders fan - nfl fan gifs

Look carefully. Do you see it? The lady with the long scarf around her neck, giving the Saints’ Lance Moore the finger?

Yep, that’s a classy lady alright.


19. Another Pissed Off Raiders Lady

angry old lady raiders fan thinks call is bullshit - nfl fan gifs

I’m not a lip-reading expert, but I think I’ve got this one. She’s upset about the ball shed, right?


18. Defiant Giants Fan

brazen giants fan flips 49ers fans the bird - nfl fan gifs

Yep, that’s it. Don’t discriminate. Just give everybody in your section the finger. Even that cute kid sitting two seats for your right.


17. Bored Niners Fan

bored yawning 49ers fan - nfl fan gifs

I know it’s hard to maintain a high level of enthusiasm during blowouts. Still, have a cup of coffee or something, man.  Don’t do this.


16. Violated

chargers fan sexualy assaults ravens fan - nfl fan gifs

Yay! My team did something right!

Wait, what the hell do we do now?

Oh, I’ve got it. I’ll just grab this guy here by the head and put his face in my crotch.


15. The STFU Glare

dirty look shuts up loud chick - nfl fan gifs

One look from the dude in the Jets jersey and this woman just shuts the hell up. If only it were that easy to shut up any loudmouths.


14. Disgusted Eagles Fans

demoralized eagles fans - nfl fan gifs

Let’s put aside the fact that the Eagles fans are turning on their own team here and simply look at what these guys are wearing.

Dude on the right? Parks, gloves, hood. Dude on the left? Short sleeved t-shirt.


13. Goofy Packers Fan

goofy packers fan - nfl fan gifs

Looks like this guy ate too much sharp Wisconsin cheddar and is now constipated.

That, or he’s a dad and is just trying to embarrass his kids.


12. Death-Defying Chargers Fans

hot female chargers fans taunt raiders fans - nfl fan gifs

You have a be pretty brave to wear Chargers jerseys to the Oakland Coliseum. You have to be even braver to taunt Raiders fans when they are losing. They have a reputation as being a quarrelsome bunch—which is just a fancy way of saying they’re always beating the crap out of somebody.


11. The Baguars

jacksonville baguars fans - nfl fan gifs

The Jaguars aren’t the most ridiculous franchise in the NFL. That title would have to go to the Jets. And they aren’t the saddest franchise, either. I think that one would have to go to the Bills.

However, the Jags are pretty damn terrible. It’s no wonder, then, that their fans are embarrassed to be seen at the games.


10. Captain Jet

captain jet gives up - nfl fan gifs

When the guy who calls himself “Captain Jet” and wears a jet hat decides he’s just not going to watch this sh*t anymore, you’re doing something terribly wrong. Right, Mark Sanchez?



jets fans react to geno smith draft - nfl fan gifs

Needless to say, Jets fans were not thrilled with the selection of Geno Smith in the 2013 NFL Draft. Of course, after he led the team to victory in their season-opener last weekend, I suspect this guy lightening up on the kid.


8. Captain Cleveland

Captain-American-Is-A-Browns-Fan - nfl fan gifs

Cleveland Browns fans are some of my favorites in all of sports. Every year the team is either terrible or, at best, mediocre, and still the fans go bonkers for them. (Well, up to a point.)


7. Bear in a Sea of Cheeseheads

bears fan in the worst place on earth - nfl fan gifs

If you are a Chicago Bears fan, this is your hell—sitting in Lambeau field, surrounded by Cheeseheads. It’s no wonder, then, why this guys looks so morose. He is seething with hatred.


6. Sad Puppy

cleveland browns dog pound - nfl fan gifs

Like I said, I love me some Cleveland Browns fans. If this guy wasn’t wearing the dog costume, he’d just be any old fan shaking his head in disappointment. With the dog costume, however, he adds the whole “sad puppy dog eyes” thing into the equation.


5. Incredulous Jags Fan

jaguars fan can't believe it - nfl fan gifs

The source of this guy’s confusion? He simply does not remember when the Tennessee Titans became an AFC powerhouse. “How on earth,” he’s wondering, “are we loosing to Tennesse 23-3?


4. Disappointed Jags Fan

dejected jaguars fan - nfl fan gifs

Yep, these days Jaguars fans have it rough. There is absolutely no chance in hell this team will make the playoffs…probably every again.


3. Befuddled Jags Fan

confounded jaguars fan - nfl fan gifs

And, hey, what the hell, let’s throw in one more GIF of a dumbfounded Jags fan, just for good measure. (Can you ever really get enough?)


2. The Soaking Wet Saints Fan

wet saints fan - nfl fan gifs

For some reason this guy is soaking wet in 39 degree weather, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by this at all. He’s just pumped about his saints, which is pretty great.


1. Redskins D-Bag

redskins douch jacks off - nfl fan gifs

Yes, that’s right, do that in front of the camera. I hope your mom, your boss, and your girlfriend all see you pretending to masturbate on national television, and that your life crumbles accordingly. D-bag.