Bears’ Charles Tillman Saves Fox Sideline Reporter from Slow-Moving Crane (GIF)

charles tillman saves laura okmin from crane

Last week, Chicago Bears All-Pro cornerback Charles Tillman snagged two interceptions to help the Bears sneak by the Cincinnati Bengals. However, this week his main defensive contribution came on the sidelines instead of on the field of play.

During the Bears-Vikings game at Soldier Field yesterday, Tillman had just finished talking to some league officials on the sidelines and had turned around to walk away when he saw FOX sideline reporter Laura Okmin standing right in the path of a massive camera crane. So what did he do? He pulled her out of harm’s way.

Then they kissed.

Okay fine. They didn’t kiss. But it would have been so romantic if they did (and also pretty weird, I guess).

In any case, the crane wasn’t exactly moving at lightning speed or anything, so I don’t know if Tillman’s quick reaction was completely necessary. But reflexes don’t stop and think.  They take action. And, obviously, I’m sure Okmin was glad Tillman took a “better safe than sorry” approach with her personal safety.

Here’s video of the save:

And because the NFL will probably have this video taken down in about five minutes, here’s the GIF. It gives you everything you need to see, but without the mindless commentary:

charles tillman saves laura okmin from crane on sidelines

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