High School Football Team Gives Honorary Teammate with Muscular Dystrophy the Thrill of a Lifetime (Videos)

shae stelly touchdown - inspirational high school football story

Ever since the University of Nebraska warmed our hearts by bringing 7-year-old cancer patient Jack Hoffman into their spring scrimmage to score a touchdown, there have been a number of similar stories from the NFL—most notably from the training camps of the Browns, Panthers and Seahawks. However, today’s feel-good football story really takes the cake.

It’s not because the kid involved—16-year-old Shae Stelly, who suffers from muscular dystrophy—has it any more or less rough than the others. What makes this story more special is that Stelly doesn’t get a pick-me-up from a bunch of rich adults. Rather, he gets a pick-me-up from his fellow high school classmates. And in an age in which we keep reading stories about kids committing suicide after being mercilessly bullied by their classmates, it’s really wonderful to hear a story about high school kids being awesome.

Stelly is an honorary member of the Cecilia High football team in Cecilia, Louisiana. At a recent scrimmage against Notre Dame High of Crowley, Louisiana, coach Terry Martin of Cecilia and coach Lewis Cook of Notre Dame conspired to give Stelly the thrill of a lifetime. But really, to me, that’s not the most heartwarming part of this story. The most heartwarming part is the way you see the Cecilia kids treat Stelly all the time.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out this story from Lafayette’s KATC News:

And here’s a video of Shelly’s touchdown, recorded by a fan in the stands:

Admit it. You’re in a better mood now, aren’t you?

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