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The 25 Biggest Blowouts in College Football History

by: Esteban On  Monday, September 23, 2013

biggest blowouts in college football history

If you keep an eye on the college football scoreboard every Saturday, then a couple of crazy numbers probably caught your attention this weekend. The #4 Ohio State Buckeyes destroyed the Florida A&M Rattlers 76-0, and the #7 Louisville Cardinals ripped the Florida International Golden Panthers 72-0.

Those scores are flat out ridiculous, and they got me thinking: where would they rank on the list of all-time biggest blowouts in the history of college football? And since the only way to answer that question was to compile just such a list, that’s what I have for you today.

Now, just so you know, this isn’t simply a list of the biggest point differentials in just any football game between two collegiate teams. For the most part, I’ve excluded games that were not between (what are today) NCAA Division I teams. In addition, I also decided to limit it to games played in the last 100 years. What this means is that the relatively recent blowout of Rockford over Trinity Bible was excluded (because who are Rockford and Trinity Bible?), as was an epic 102-0 shellacking of Michigan State by Michigan (because it occurred in 1902, when the pads were made of asbestos and the grass was made of dirt).

Still, I did make two exceptions to the rules. And if you want to find out what they are, then you should probably just read the list. So let’s get started…


25. Texas Tech over Nebraska by 60 (2004)

25 texas tech nebraska 2004 - biggest blowouts college football history

The Red Raiders embarrassed the Huskers 70-10 back in 2004, a blowout that takes the number 25 spot on the list.

That right there should tell you how historic this weekend’s blowouts were.


24. Florida State over N.C. State by 60 (1995)

24 florida state nc state 1995 - biggest blowouts college football history

In 1995, at the height of the Bobby Bowden dynasty, the ‘Noles completely obliterated the Wolfpack by the score of 77-17, tying Texas Tech with a 60-point victory.


23. Georgia Tech over Navy by 63 (2001)

23 georgia tech navy 2001 - biggest blowouts college football history

Navy isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but 70-7? That’s a pretty crazy score for the modern era.


22. Texas over Colorado by 67 (2005)

22 texas colorado 2005 - biggest blowouts college football history

Speaking of crazy scores in the modern era, the Longhorns smashed the Buffalos 70-3 back in 2005. The irony? Texas just barely missed out on making this list on the losing end themselves. From 1997 to 2003, they lost by 49 points or more on three occasions—twice to Oklahoma.


21. Oklahoma over Kansas State by 68 (1944)

21 oklahoma state kansas state 1944 - biggest blowouts college football history

Speaking of the Sooners, back in 1944 they laid the smack down on the K-State Wildcats, 68-0. (What, did all of K-State’s starters enlist or something?)


20. USC over Washington State by 69 (2008)


Washington State hasn’t been to a bowl game since 2003, and they let pretty much everyone go to bowl games these days—so that’s pretty bad. Still, a 69-0 blowout loss to the Trojans was low even for them.


19. Nebraska over Kansas by 70 (1980)

19 nebraska kansas 1980 - biggest blowouts college football history

Nebraska’s whopping 70-0 blowout of the Jayhawks in 1980 underscores just how shocking their blowout at the hands of Texas Tech in 2004 really was. They are the ones usually getting blown out.


18. Nebraska over Minnesota by 71 (1983)

18 nebraska minnesota 1983 - biggest blowouts college football history

Yeah, ditto what I just said for in #19. The Huskers destroyed the Minnesota Golden Gophers by the score of 84-13 in 1983.


17. Ohio State over Pitt by 72 (1996)

17 ohio state pitt 1996 - biggest blowouts college football history

The poor Pitt Panthers got destroyed by the Buckeyes, 72-0, in 1996. So this is where the Louisville rout of Florida International would fit in—tied at #17.

That’s pretty historic.


16. West Virginia over Rutgers by 73 (2001)

16 west virginia rutgers 2001 - biggest blowouts college football history

Rutgers isn’t exactly a college football powerhouse, but an 80-7 loss to the Mountaineers is just ridiculous.


15. USC over UCLA by 76 (1929)

15 usc ucla 1929 - biggest blowouts college football history

The last time one Division I college football team lost to another Division I college football team by the score of 76-0, prior to Saturday’s Ohio State-Florida A&M game? That would be 1929, when USC did it to local rivals UCLA.

So yes, this was really a historic weekend in college football.


14. BYU over UTEP by 76 (1980)

14 byu utep 1980 - biggest blowouts college football history

The BYU Cougars would capture a National Championship in 1984, but four years earlier in 1980 they absolutely hammered poor UTEP by a score of 83-7. I guess it was a sign of things to come.


13. Oklahoma over Texas A&M by 77 (2003)

13 oklahoma texas a&m 2003- biggest blowouts college football history

By far one of the most embarrassing losses for a major college football program in the modern era belongs to the Aggies. They lost to Bob Stoops’ powerhouse Sooners 77-0…and that was the score at the end of the 3rd quarter. If the Sooners had pushed it could have been even worse.


12. South Florida over Kentucky Wesleyan by 77 (1997)

12 south florida bulls kentucky wesleyan 1997 - biggest blowouts college football history

Okay, so here is one of the exceptions to my rule of “only Division I teams.” Kentucky Wesleyan was D-I until 2012, at which point they dropped down to D-II, and they lost to the South Florida Bulls by a ridiculous 80-3 in 1997.

Why is this loss worthy of an exception to the rule about no teams who aren’t D-I today? Because that game was the first ever for South Florida, and it has to be some kind of record in modern sports.


11. Houston over Tulsa by 94 (1968)

11 houston cougars wade phillips tulsa 1968 - biggest blowouts college football history

There are many, many examples of teams breaking the century mark in the history of college football. One of the only times a D-I team score 100 points since WWII was 1968, when Houston trounced Tulsa 100-6. Ouch.


10. Wyoming over Northern Colorado by 103 (1949)

10 wyoming cowboys football - biggest blowouts college football history

Wyoming beat Northern Colorado 103-0 in 1949. I’m not sure if this is, in fact, a photo of the 1949 Cowboys football team, but it’s close, so you get the idea.


9. Oklahoma over Arkansas by 103 (1918)

9 oklahoma football 1915 - biggest blowouts college football history

It’s not much of a “border war” when one team beats the other 103-0, is it?

PS, this is a team photo of the Sooners from around this time.


8. Portland State over Delaware State by 105 (1980)

8 portland state delaware state 1980 - biggest blowouts college football history

The last Division I football team to score 100 points on a Division I opponent? That would be 1980, when Portland State, led by QB Neil Lomax, did it against Delaware State.


7. Murray State over Louisville by 105 (1932)

7 louisville florida international blowout - biggest blowouts college football history

How ironic—one of teams that inspired this list is also on it as a victim of a historic blowout. The Cardinals lost to the Murray State Racers 105-0 back in 1932.


6. New Mexico over Northern Arizona by 108 (1916)

6 new mexico - biggest blowouts college football history

The New Mexico Lobos destroyed the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks 108-0 in 1916. Unfortunately for New Mexico, the shoe would be on the other foot just 16 years later…


5. New Mexico State over New Mexico by 108 (1932)

5 new mexico football 1932 - biggest blowouts college football history

It’s one thing to lose 108-0. It’s another to lose 108-0 to your greatest rival. That has to sting.

(Note: this photo is actually of the 1934-35 Lobos football team…who did not actually suck.)


4. Georgia Tech over N.C. State by 128 (1918)

4 georgia tech 1918 - biggest blowouts college football history

Poor N.C. State makes their second appearance on our list at #4, having lost to Georgia Tech 128-0 way back in 1918.


3. Utah State over Idaho State by 136 (1919)

3 utah state aggies - biggest college football blowouts

These aren’t powerhouse football programs today, but they are both Division I, and the score was 136-0, which is insane.


2. Rice over SMU by 143 (1916)

2 rice msu 1916 - biggest college football blowouts

The Rice Owls own the record for biggest blowout of a D-I opponent in CFB history. They beat the Southern Methodist Mustangs 146-3 way back in 1916. And in this case, yes, the photo is from the actual game.


1. Georgia Tech over Cumberland by 222 (1916)

1 georgia tech cumberland 1916 - biggest blowouts college football history

Cumberland is not a D-I football team today, but I couldn’t very well leave the biggest blowout in the history of college football off the list. In 1916, GT destroyed them 222-0.

Seems impossible, but it happened. So there you go.