When Evan Gattis Isn't Hitting Fans in the Junk with Home Run Balls, He's Hitting Foul Balls into Vendors' Drink Buckets (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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When Evan Gattis Isn’t Hitting Fans in the Junk with Home Run Balls, He’s Hitting Foul Balls into Vendors’ Drink Buckets (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 25, 2013

evan gattis foul ball lands in beer guy's bucket

You’re always going to see some strange things happen during the course of a Major League Baseball season. Every team plays 162 games, which works out to a whopping 2,430 games played in total. That provides numerous opportunities for oddities—so in a way, the unexpected is almost expected.

That being said, nobody expects multiple oddities to involve one player. The chances of that must be astronomical. And yet here we are, getting set to talk about how yet another ball off the bat of Evan Gattis did something amazing.

You’ll recall the first instances, of course. On September 9 we told you about how the Braves catcher/left fielder hit a massive moon shot that hit a female Philly fan in the center field concourse at Citizens Bank Park. Then, on September 12, we told you how another home run ball hit by Gattis hit a fan in the groin at Marlins Park.

Now we have yet another instance of a ball off Gattis’ bat doing something unusual. It didn’t hit a fan this time, and it wasn’t a home run. It was a foul ball, and it landed in the beer guy’s bucket at Turner Field in Atlanta.

Check it out:

Yeah, this is starting to get weird. If you go to a game against the Braves any time soon, be on the lookout. You never know what is going to happen when Gattis comes to the plate.