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27 Animated GIFs of Kids Playing Sports

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 26, 2013
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kids sports gifs

Everyone knows that children are the future (unless they come between you and a home run ball). But guess what? It’s not the future yet, and until it is we are in charge of everything, including the Internet. So if we want to look at a bunch of animated GIFs of children playing sports—and mostly failing—then that’s what we’re going to do. They wouldn’t even be playing sports if we didn’t take care of the fields, referee the games, coach them, pay the fees, and make the equipment. They owe us a laugh or two for all that hard work, right?

Right. So take a look at this list. You will laugh, starting right now with this


27. The Next Neymar?

fat kid soccer ball to face - kids sports gifs

Hey, even Neymar had to start somewhere, right? (Okay fine, it probably wasn’t here.)


26. Baby Pong

baby playing ping pong gifs - kids sports gifs

Seriously, what parent doesn’t fantasize about their kid becoming a famous athlete and taking care of them in their old age? Somebody just needs to tell this guy that there’s not a lot of money in table tennis.


25. Gymnastics Fail

little girl gymnastics fail - kids sports gifs

I’m not sure what is supposed to happen here, but it probably isn’t this.


24. Wild Pitch

llws wild pitch - kids sports gifs

If you think he felt bad watching his pitch bounce wide like that, imagine how he must have felt when ESPN sent him the bill for their camera.


23. No Future in Motocross

kid tricycle fail - kids sports gifs

Seriously, though, what did the adult in this one think was going to happen? Let’s hope it was an aunt or a friend and not mom, otherwise this kid might be in trouble.


22. Skateboard Mastery

kid skateboard trick fail - kids sports gifs

You can’t even write physical comedy this good.


21. Soccer + Rope Swing = Pain

water swings soccer fail - kids sports gifs

I don’t even know what is going on here, but it reminds me of my youth. We were always doing something dumb like this.


20. Epic Soccer Fail

kid soccer kick fail - kids sports gifs

…and then he went to the hospital to get a cast on his foot. (JK, I have no idea if he did that. Probably, though.)


19. Nice Pitch

little-league-curveball - kids sports gifs

I’m guessing the pitchers back in Panama don’t have very good curveballs?


18. Driveway Dunk Mishap

kid driveway basketball fail - kids sports gifs

On the one hand, I feel for this kid. His dad obviously did not attached the hoop to the garage very well. But, on the other hand, his dad probably didn’t think he would be hanging from it.


17. Way to Go, Mom

mom kicks soccer ball in kids face - kids sports gifs

Nothing wrong with this. Mom is just trying to toughen the kid up a bit.


16. Gymnastics Miracle

gymnastics miracle - kids sports gifs

This kid got away with one here. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, natural selection would have had its way with him.


15. Wide Left

kid gymnastics - kids sports gifs

In fairness, I would have been hesitant to hurl my genitalia at the vault, too.


14. Slip 'N' Crash

kid slip and slide fail - kids sports gifs

Is slip ‘n’ slide a sport? When you’re a kid, you bet it is. And this girl is no good at it.


13. Ill-Advised Pilates

very advanced pilates fail- kids sports gifs

What do you supposed this kid thought was going to happen? And who was filming it?


12. Dunk Fail

toy basketball hoop dunk fail - kids sports gifs

Sometimes you attack the rim. Sometimes the rim attacks you. It’s the law of the jungle, kid.


11. Wiffle Attack

kid-pinata-fail-gif - kids sports gifs

I bet you anything this kid knew exactly what he was doing, and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity.


10. Toddler Punter

toddler football kick fail - kids sports gifs

Interestingly, this is exactly what it’s like to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars.



baseball kid not paying attention - kids sports gifs

Seriously kid, get your head in the game. Number 12 is not here to waste his time.


8. Swing & Miss

swing miss fall down - kids sports gifs

If this is what happens with his warmup swings, imagine what must happen when he’s facing a pitcher.


7. Home Plate Collision

home plate collision - kids sports gifs

Yeah, that looks like it really hurt. Perhaps they should encourage little league catchers to leave their helmets on.


6. Double Face Shot

kid takes ball to face twice in a row - kids sports gifs

Now this kid is my hero. Takes a blistering shot to the face? Gets up. Takes another blistering shot the face? Gets up again.

I don’t care what the final score was, this kid gets the game ball.


5. No Future in NASCAR

kiddie nascar fail - kids sports gifs

Seriously buddy, keep your eyes on the road.


4. Skateboard Basketball

skateboard basketball fail - kids sports gifs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—there is just no way this was going to end well.


3. Miscalculation

swimming dive fail - kids sports gifs

Depth perception is an under-appreciated aspect of successful athletics. This kid apparently doesn’t have it.


2. Blind Football

blind kid playing football - kids sports gifs

Apparently this kid is blind. Do I admire his determination? You bet I do. I wish I had half of what he has. But, come on, you have to laugh a little bit, right? This is like a bit from a Mel Brooks movie.


1. The Dive

kid diving board fail - kids sports gifs

If you don’t laugh at this you probably don’t have a sense of humor. It’s one of the greatest animated GIFs of all-time.