9 Worst College Football Coaching Hires of the BCS Era

worst college football coaching hires bcs era

On Sunday, USC athletic director Pat Haden announced that USC had fired coach Lane Kiffin after an embarrassing 62-41 loss to Arizona State. If this were any other coach at any other school the timing would have been a little surprising, given that there is so much season left to right the ship. However, this wasn’t just any coach at any school, and given that everyone on earth (except former USC AD Mike Garrett) knew Kiffin was terrible hire in the first place, his firing came as a shock to pretty much no one.

Today, to commemorate the end of Kiffin’s tenure at USC, we’re going to see where his hire ranks on the list of worst college football coaching hires of the BCS era.

Before we get started, though, we should clarify what we mean by “worst hires.” We’re not just looking at coaching tenures that failed miserably. Instead, what we are looking for are hires that seemed like a bad idea at the time and were. Thus, guys like Mike Locksley are not on the list. His tenure at New Mexico, where he went 2-26, was absolutely brutal. But his hire didn’t seem that crazy. He was a respected offensive coordinator at Illinois from 2005-08, and New Mexico isn’t exactly Alabama or anything.

Got the idea? Okay, then. Let’s take a look at the worst coaching hires of the BCS era…


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