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22 Awesome Baseball Celebration GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, October 10, 2013
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baseball celebration gifs

Well, it’s that time of year again—the time when grown men in stretchy pajama pants gather together in a room with walls covered in plastic to waste tons of perfectly good alcohol. I am referring, of course, to the MLB postseason and the spraying of bubbly liquids in the locker room after a team has (a) secured a spot in the playoffs or (b) clinched a playoff series victory. What started out as a spontaneous celebration is now an ornately planned ritual in which every victorious team takes part.

Today, with the NLCS all set and the ALCS about to be finalized tonight, it’s the perfect time to do a list of baseball celebration GIFs. Why? Because they’re fun. And sometimes weird. And sometimes awkward. Not all of them involve champagne, of course, but they’re all amusing because they all feature grown men acting like children all jacked up on sugar and on their way to Disney World. So enjoy.



22. Oriole Celebration

giants locker room celebration

The Orioles haven’t had much to celebrate since 1996, so even though they didn’t go very far into the postseason (losing to the Yankees in the ALDS), they still partied pretty hard after earning a Wild Card and defeating the Texas Rangers in the one-game playoff.


21. Happy Angel

angel pagan celebrates world series victory - baseball celebratio gifs

Last year the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Series. Center fielder Angel Pagan celebrated thusly.


20. Sunday, Monday, Happy A's

athletics celebrate win over tigers

The Athletics are hoping they do a lot more of this tonight after Game 5 of the ALDS against the Tigers.


19. Kemp Walk-Off Dance

matt kemp happy dance - baseball celebratio gifs

No wonder Matt Kemp has been injured all year. When you celebrate home runs like this you’re bound to pull or tweak something.


18. Jose Valverde

jose valverde mound celebration - baseball celebratio gifs

Excessive celebration? Probably. Then again, nobody knows what’s going to happen when Jose Valverde takes the mound. Tigers might win the game. Other team might hit two doubles and a home run. So when Jose actually does close it out, he’s pumped.


17. Vulgar BoSox


If you can manage to ignore Johnny Gomes and his army helmet for a just a moment, please notice the guy on the left who’s pretending the champagne bottle is his dong.



16. Humping BoSox

koji uehera and david ortiz dry hump

And here’s David Ortiz dry-humping Koji Uehera. Because winning makes you want to do that sort of thing.


15. Yasiel Puig Ruins Camera with Gatorade

puig showers craig sager and juan uribe with gatorade

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Yasiel Puig this year it’s that he’s a bit of a loose cannon. So the fact that he took out Craig Sager and the TBS camera while giving Juan Uribe a Gatorade shower? Not that surprising.


14. Hunter Pence Happy Dance

hunter-pence-celebrating world series

And this is how Hunter Pence celebrates winning the World Series.


13. Hold My Hat, B*tch!

here a-rod hold my helmet while i celebrate with the guys

Brett Gardner hits a walk-off homer, then tells A-Rod to hold his hat while he celebrates with the Yankees he doesn’t despise.

Now that’s how you celebrate.


12. Historic Celebration

david freese game 6 walk-off home run celebration

Cardinals third baseman David Freese became a postseason legend in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. First he hit a two-out, two-run triple in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Then he hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 11th to win it.

This is how they celebrated at home plate.


11. The SlowMo Champagne Cam

Cards Slo Mo Champagne Cam

Meanwhile, here is an awesome slow-motion shot from the Cardinals’ celebration last night after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 5 of the NLDS.


10. His Majesty

cincinnati bearcats celebration - baseball celebratio gifs

Hey, not all great baseball celebrations from pro ball. College kids (like the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team) know how to party, too.


9. Leyland Moonwalk

jim leyland moon walking celebration dance - baseball celebratio gifs

When the Tigers clinched the AL Central, manager Jim Leyland did the moonwalk. It was pretty good for a 68-year-old baseball man.


8. The Phillies' Walkoff Celebration


The poor Phillies don’t have all that much to celebrate these days. So, you know, when they win in dramatic fashion, they get a little carried away.


7. Papi Shower

ortiz champagne celebration

When he’s not dry-humping teammates, Ortiz is giving himself a champagne facial.

What can I say? He’s a colorful individual.


6. Falling Off the Dog Pile

college world series 2013 dog pile

The UCLA Bruins won the 2013 College World Series and celebrated with a classic dog pile. Unfortunately, not all of them had the art of dog piling mastered.


5. Oriole Dance

orioles dance celebration

Here we have Chris Dickerson and Adam Jones showing off the moves they use to impress the ladies at the club. Smooth, right?


4. Kawasaki

munenori kawasaki dancing airplane gif - baseball celebratio gifs

Hey, not all the celebrating takes place on the field. Sometimes you gotta take the party to the team plane like the Blue Jays Munenori Kawasaki did earlier this season.


3. Shotgunning BoSox

red sox shotgunning beers

The team that shotguns beers together wins together, right?

Well, Red Sox Nation hopes so, at least.


2. The Worm + Russian Folk Dancing

yasiel puig dancing the worm

Leave it to Yasiel Puig to combine a classic disco-funk dance move “the worm” with some traditional Russian folk dancing. It’s kind of hard not to like this guy, isn’t it?


1. Brian Wilson Is Terrifying

brian wilson champagne world series celebration

And let’s wrap things up with Brian Wilson in a goggles spraying champagne in such a way that it looks like…um…wow. This is going to haunt your dreams tonight, isn’t it?